Also known as Recon OG or ReCon, the Recon strain is a heavily indica-dominant hybrid of the iconic and powerful LA Confidential and mellow Cannadential strains. An excellent evening smoke for any indica lover, this soothing, smile-inducing, socially lubricating strain will quickly float you up to cloud nine, help you unwind, and, eventually, relax you right to sleep.

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Recon Strain
9.5Expert Score
Recon Strain Flavor Scale

The Recon strain offers up a tasty blend of classic Afghani, Mexican, and Thai strain flavors. With each toke, you’ll taste:

Spicy herbs and tobacco
Cool menthol

      AVO Ratings



      22% -35%




      Recon Strain Information

      Recon is an 80/20 Indica-Sativa hybrid that clocks in at roughly 22% THC on average (it can get as high as 35%) and about 1% CBD. For an indica, this strain hits surprisingly fast, delivering a tension-melting, almost numbing sensation that’ll slowly travel from your head and neck throughout the rest of your physical form.

      As your high builds, you might notice some trippy sensory distortions, which may make music or a visually engaging movie all the more engrossing. Given this strain’s rather disorienting and super relaxing effects, it’s ideal for laid-back social gatherings at home or solo relaxation time on the couch. Just don’t count on getting much done after you partake because your tush will likely be glued to your couch for hours.

      Recon Strain Effects

      Euphoric 86%
      Tingly 85%
      Relaxed 88%
      Helps With
      Stress 89%
      Anxiety 82%
      Pain 80%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 41%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 45%
      Dizziness 41%

      Recon Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Enigma — “Endless Quest”
      Enigma — “Endless Quest” 85%
      Deerhunter — “Living My Life”
      Deerhunter — “Living My Life” 83%
      Ariel Pink — “Feels Like Heaven”
      Ariel Pink — “Feels Like Heaven” 87%

      Enigma — “Endless Quest”: Play this atmospheric track after the trippy part of your high sets in, and just let your mind go along for the ride.

      Deerhunter — “Living My Life”: Enjoy this wistful, dream-pop number while you’re chillin’ on the couch or chatting with friends — it’s excellent background music for just about any occasion.

      Ariel Pink — “Feels Like Heaven”: After a few tokes of Recon, you’ll feel just like the title of this indie-rock song, so why not bop along to it?

      Pairs With Food
      Lasagna 87%
      Mushroom and wild rice soup
      Mushroom and wild rice soup 84%
      Open-faced prosciutto and egg sandwich on sourdough
      Open-faced prosciutto and egg sandwich on sourdough 85%

      Lasagna: If you’re in the mood for some comfort food after a dose of the relaxing Recon strain, this dish should satisfy even the gnarliest case of the munchies.

      Mushroom and wild rice soup: This creamy, ultra-flavorful soup pairs wonderfully with Recon’s primary terpene, myrcene.

      Open-faced prosciutto and egg sandwich on sourdough: A little cured meat and a fried egg atop some peppery arugula and homemade mayo make for a tasty meal at any time of day.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Mulled wine
      Mulled wine 83%
      Spicy tomato gin and tonic
      Spicy tomato gin and tonic 84%
      Mojito 88%

      Mulled wine: It’s comforting, a little citrusy, and full of flavor, quite like the Recon strain.

      Spicy tomato gin and tonic: This spicy, citrusy, herbaceous, salty, and ultra-refreshing cocktail pairs beautifully with Recon’s flavors and laid-back vibe.

      Mojito: Sip on this if you wanna double up on Recon’s minty goodness and up your energy level a bit when your high tries to drag it down.

      Where The Recon Strain Is Grown

      Amsterdam-based DNA Genetics brought the Recon strain to life.

      Recon Strain Summary

      The remarkably relaxing Recon strain is a great choice if you’re looking to kick back and chill at the end of a long stressful day. If you enjoy this strain, you might also like Afghani, Northern Lights, and Master Kush, all of which have fairly similar effects.

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