Pomelo Strain — Exotic Citrus Explosion

As a 60/40 hybrid leaning toward the indica side of the scale, Pomelo is the ideal strain for relaxing without getting couch-locked. Aside from its pain-relieving power, this strain is also popular for offering a citrus scent and rich peach-like flavor, which is a little reminiscent of Grape Ape.

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Pomelo Strain
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Pomelo Strain Flavor Scale

While this strain has a bitter citrus scent that lends it the Pomelo name, it’s far sweeter in flavor than you might expect. The main notes are:

Stone fruits like peach and apricot
Fresh pine
Sweet notes

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      Pomelo Strain Information

      You don’t have to seek out the unusual citrus fruit known as a Pomelo just to get the experience of enjoying one. Just like the fruit lending the name, this strain smells bitter and sour at first but is surprisingly sweet to taste. It’s great for relaxing without falling asleep, making it a viable choice for early morning and afternoon sessions.

      Pomelo Strain Effects

      Creativity 88%
      Pain relief
      Pain relief 67%
      Energy-boosting 60%
      Helps With
      Motivation 75%
      Dealing with chronic pain
      Dealing with chronic pain 61%
      Fatigue 56%

      None reported

      Pomelo Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      MARINA — Orange Trees
      MARINA — Orange Trees 78%
      Major Lazer — Titans
      Major Lazer — Titans 70%
      Pink — So What
      Pink — So What 50%

      MARINA — Orange Trees: Let the sweet notes of this citrus-inspired pop song leave you floating along with this strain or with the famous White Widow.

      Major Lazer — Titans: You’ll be ready to tackle that to-do list after charging up with this bouncy tune and a little Pomelo.

      Pink — So What: A pop song about being upbeat when everything’s going wrong? It’s the perfect partner for bubbly Pomelo.

      Pairs With Food
      Nutella-covered bananas
      Nutella-covered bananas 84%
      Roasted seaweed snacks
      Roasted seaweed snacks 63%
      Lime sherbet
      Lime sherbet 60%

      Nutella-covered bananas: Tropical flavors and rich hazelnut chocolate are natural pairings to go with the sweet fruity taste of this strain.

      Roasted seaweed snacks: When indulging in Pomelo, try slightly salty nori seaweed snacks to balance out the sweet notes.

      Lime sherbet: Highlight the sour scent and sweet flavor of this strain at the same time by pairing it with lime sherbet.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Pomelo Mojito
      Pomelo Mojito 88%
      Peach schnapps
      Peach schnapps 78%
      IPA 65%

      Pomelo Mojito: Swap the lime juice for pomelo juice to make this classic cocktail perfect for this stain.

      Peach schnapps: Nothing brings out the juicy peach flavors of Pomelo like a similarly flavored schnapps. You can even make your own.

      IPA: If you need a drink that balances out the sweetness so it doesn’t become overwhelming, try a bracing IPA that connects with the sour notes.

      Where The Pomelo Strain Is Grown

      Bred by California breeders Cookies, this strain comes from genetics derived from the popular Girl Scout Cookies. It was selected to highlight its combination of mood-boosting effects and unique sweet flavor.

      Pomelo Strain Summary

      Don’t let the unfamiliar name cause you to skip this strain. With its profile of sweet notes and citrus scents, it’s a great way to spice up any everyday experience.

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