Pancakes Strain — Breakfast Treats Any Time of Day

If you’re the breakfast-at-any-time-of-day kind of person, you’ll love Pancakes. This cheerful strain not only has the taste of bursting fresh blueberries, but it’s also surprisingly doughy and even buttery. You’ll pin the flavor as Pancakes right away because this strain is as distinct as Mango Kush.

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Pancakes Strain
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When you’re craving breakfast foods but don’t feel like grabbing the spatula, Pancakes offers the full experience with dough and berry flavors all in one. The main notes are:

Sweet pancakes

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      17% - 22%




      Pancakes Strain Information

      As the name suggests, this strain has a sweet and light flavor that isn’t overwhelming for pairing with food or drinks. Pancakes has a relaxing and euphoric effect that can work well throughout the day without shutting you down. Smooth and with a burst of maple syrup at the end, it must be experienced to be believed, just like Pineapple Express.

      Pancakes Strain Effects

      Pain relief
      Pain relief 79%
      Calming 76%
      Euphoric 67%
      Helps With
      Insomnia 84%
      Chronic Pain
      Chronic Pain 77%
      Stress 79%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 78%
      Dry mouth
      Happy 73%

      Pancakes Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Lizzo — Juice
      Lizzo — Juice 50%
      Gorillaz — Superfast Jellyfish
      Gorillaz — Superfast Jellyfish 50%
      Wise Guy — Pancakes x Ice Cream
      Wise Guy — Pancakes x Ice Cream 50%

      Lizzo — Juice: Choose the juicy Lizzo hit that is just as sweet as this strain for a breakfast to remember.

      Gorillaz — Superfast Jellyfish: Ready to get inspired to cook up a brunch spread after sampling these Pancakes? This upbeat Gorillaz classic is the perfect soundtrack for breakfast inspiration.

      Wise Guy — Pancakes x Ice Cream: Celebrate the sweeter side of life by putting on this song every time you enjoy Pancakes.

      Pairs With Food
      Bacon and eggs
      Bacon and eggs 75%
      Waffles 75%
      Chicken tenders
      Chicken tenders 65%

      Bacon and eggs: You can’t have a complete breakfast until you pair your Pancakes with some bacon and eggs.

      Waffles: Highlight the caramelized dough flavor found in this strain by whipping up some fresh Belgian waffles.

      Chicken tenders: Tenders are always a classic munchies food, but the maple syrup flavors of this strain will complement the flavor even more than usual.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Maple liqueur
      Maple liqueur 81%
      Blended berry margarita
      Blended berry margarita 74%
      Blueberry beer
      Blueberry beer 75%

      Maple liqueur: A blend of high-quality maple syrup and bourbon, this sipping spirit is the perfect pairing for the toasty notes of Pancakes.

      Blended berry margarita: Keeping the margarita on the sweet side will highlight the bountiful blueberry notes this strain brings to the table.

      Blueberry beer: Let the berry flavors of this ale bring out the best of the Pancakes strain as you combine them.

      Where The Pancakes Strain Is Grown

      Bred by a collaboration between California legends Cookies and Seed Junkies Genetics, Pancakes is a hybrid with a high THC content. Its parentage includes popular strains like Kush Mints #11 and London Pound Cake.

      Pancakes Strain Summary

      Start your day off right with a tall stack of Pancakes. Consider mixing it with Blue Dream for an even more sugary berry flavor.

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