Ocean Beach Strain— The Smoothest Wave

Looking for a new strain that’s high in THC while packing a smooth and sweet taste? Ocean Beach is likely to become your latest favorite. Similar to Hindu Kush, this flavorful and relaxing marijuana is practically tailor-made for trips to the beach.

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Ocean Beach Strain
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Ocean Beach Flavor Scale

Don’t expect beach flavors when indulging in Ocean Beach. Instead, you’ll be hit with major notes of:

Fresh fruit
Sweet notes
Classic kush

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      Ocean Beach Strain Information

      Some strains are just meant to remind you of summer, and Ocean Beach definitely qualifies as one of them. This fruity and sweet strain has a strong calming and mood-lifting effect, making it a great choice for people struggling with fatigue and depression. However, don’t expect it to give you energy like Jet Fuel might.

      Ocean Beach Strain Effects

      Tingling and relaxing
      Tingling and relaxing 76%
      Euphoric laughter
      Euphoric laughter 86%
      Full-body relaxation
      Full-body relaxation 82%
      Helps With
      Fatigue 81%
      Chronic Pain
      Chronic Pain 72%
      Anxiety 50%

      None reported

      Ocean Beach Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Happy 50%
      Happy 50%
      Happy 50%

      King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard — Float Along: You’ll feel ready to float when you combine this song and the Ocean Beach strain.

      The Weeknd — Blinding Lights: Put some of those euphoric effects from this strain to good use by dancing your way around the room to one of The Weeknd’s greatest hits.

      Marshmello & Bastille — Happier: You’ll certainly feel Happier after putting on this track while sampling a little of this strain.

      Pairs With Food
      Happy 50%
      Happy 50%
      Happy 50%

      Sun-dried tomato pasta: With concentrated sweetness and flavor packed into each sun-dried tomato, this dish makes for an ideal main course to pair with Ocean Beach.

      Grilled fish: Let the sweet notes of this strain bring out the creamy flavors of grilled fish, whether you prefer to whip up salmon, cod, or flounder.

      Blackberry pie: No beach picnic is complete without pie, and the blackberry flavors in this strain make it the obvious choice for dessert.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Happy 50%
      Happy 50%
      Happy 50%

      Champagne: Whether you prefer to sip it straight or mix up a Mimosa, champagne pairs well with Ocean Beach due to the shared sour notes.

      Tom Collins: Made with gin and lemon juice, a Tom Collins is bracing enough to cut through the sweetness of Ocean Beach.

      Citrus vodka: Let the mouth-puckering sourness of citrus-flavored vodka highlight the classic kush flavor of this strain.

      Where The Ocean Beach Strain Is Grown

      Ocean Beach, a descendant of the classic OG Kush strain, comes from the breeders at Cookies in California. It’s an uplifting and euphoric strain that appeals to almost anyone who enjoys a thoroughly relaxing experience.

      Ocean Beach Strain Summary

      Take a trip to the beach even if you can’t get away by indulging in this comforting strain. Ocean Beach may just wash you away in the most pleasant way.

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