Pie Face Strain — Get Tranquil & Talkative

When you wanna send stress packing and get yourself in a goofy good mood, enjoy a few hits of the Pie Face strain. This slightly indica-dominant hybrid of the Cherry Pie and Face Off OG strains delivers a clear-headed, socially lubricating, relaxing high that’s excellent for mid-afternoon or evening enjoyment. A few tokes will give you even-keeled energy and focus if that’s what you need, but if you just wanna chill, Pie Face can help you do that, too.

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Pie Face Strain
9.5Expert Score
Pie Face Strain Flavor Scale

Each toke of the Pie Face strain will tantalize your tastebuds with notes of:

Fruity tea and mixed berries
Earthy hash
Sweet cherries

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      Pie Face Strain Information

      Also known as Pie Face OG Kush and Pie Face OG, the Pie Face strain is a 60/40 indica-sativa hybrid with a fairly moderate THC content of 16% to 19% and CBG content of 1%. This strain is known for its mood-lifting, giggle-inducing, creative, and functional high, which can be an excellent helper if you need to crank through your to-do list without a care in the world.

      A few tokes of Pie Face can also help elevate social activities, get your appetite raring, and help you unwind and de-stress after a long, trying day. While this strain does have an energizing effect at the outset, its soothing indica side will eventually have you looking for a soft, cushy surface on which to crash.

      Pie Face Strain Effects

      Happy 83%
      Relaxed 85%
      Sociable 88%
      Sleepy 77%
      Helps With
      Stress 86%
      Pain 80%
      Headaches 83%
      Insomnia 76%
      Dizziness 44%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 41%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 41%
      Paranoia 39%

      Pie Face Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Poolside — “Feel Alright”
      Poolside — “Feel Alright” 80%
      Aaron Taylor — “Get Through This”
      Aaron Taylor — “Get Through This” 85%
      Catching Flies — “Silver Linings”
      Catching Flies — “Silver Linings” 83%

      Poolside — “Feel Alright”: A few tokes of Pie Face paired with this upbeat, funky jam will definitely have you feelin’ alright.

      Aaron Taylor — “Get Through This”: With some smile-inducing Pie Face permeating your brain and this uplifting jam, you’ll be able to get through even a really rotten day.

      Catching Flies — “Silver Linings”: Need some ambient music for focusing and getting stuff done? Want some chill background tunes for kicking back with friends? This track, along with some Pie Face, will keep your brain lifted no matter what you’re doing while you enjoy your high.

      Pairs With Food
      Your favorite pie
      Your favorite pie 85%
      Crusty bread with ricotta and cherry salsa
      Crusty bread with ricotta and cherry salsa 91%
      Rosemary-garlic lamb chops with roasted potatoes
      Rosemary-garlic lamb chops with roasted potatoes 82%

      Your favorite pie: It just makes sense. Have a toke, and then take a slice to the face for a truly good time.

      Crusty bread with ricotta and cherry salsa: If Pie Face leaves you feeling snacky, a few bites of this dreamy dish will blow your tastebuds away.

      Rosemary-garlic lamb chops with roasted potatoes: Enjoy a few tokes of your sweet smoke and then mow down on this savory, herbaceous dish to balance out Pie Face’s fruity flavors.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Warm apple pie
      Warm apple pie 83%
      Earl Grey MarTEAni
      Earl Grey MarTEAni 84%
      Cherry bourbon smash
      Cherry bourbon smash 86%

      Warm apple pie: This warm, delicious cocktail will leave you feeling just about as soothed and satisfied as a few tokes of Pie Face.

      Earl Grey MarTEAni: Sip on this delightful drink if you wanna double up on the tasty tea notes in your smoke.

      Cherry bourbon smash: Enjoy this blend of bourbon, fresh basil, juicy cherries, fresh lemon juice, and honey if you wanna enhance Pie Face’s sweet, fruity flavors.

      Where The Pie Face Strain Is Grown

      The breeders at Oregon-based Archive Seed Bank came up with the Pie Face strain.

      Pie Face Strain Summary

      Embrace Pie Face when you’re looking to put yourself in a great mood, whether you need a midday boost or an early evening pick-me-up. If this strain becomes one of your best buds, and you want to explore other options, check out Sundae Driver, Pink Runtz, and Limoncello, all of which deliver similar smile-inducing effects.

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