Sundae Driver Strain — Sweet and Steady Wins the Race

Looking for something sweet to chase away the Sunday blues? Sundae Driver is a strain with a complex yet sugary flavor that deserves your attention. It’s great for relaxation and dealing with issues like chronic pain, but it’s not too powerful due to average THC levels.

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Sundae Driver Strain
9.5Expert Score
Sundae Driver Strain Flavor Scale

Due to the unique combination that created this 50/50 hybrid, Sundae Driver tastes like:

Milk chocolate
Sweet creaminess
Fruity notes

      AVO Ratings



      14% - 16%




      Sundae Driver Strain Information

      Voted one of the top strains of 2018 by the readers of High Times magazine, Sundae Driver is a calming and uplifting experience. The buds themselves feature a lime green color with splotches of red and purple mixed in.

      Sundae Driver Strain Effects

      Euphoric 73%
      Relaxing 70%
      Body high
      Body high 74%
      Helps With
      Insomnia 77%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 81%
      Stress 73%
      Depression 84%
      Anxiety 70%
      Dizziness 35%
      Paranoia 42%

      Sundae Driver Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Inhaler — “Ice Cream Sundae”
      Inhaler — “Ice Cream Sundae” 78%
      Bongzilla — “Sundae Driver”
      Bongzilla — “Sundae Driver” 71%
      88rising and BIBI — “The Weekend”
      88rising and BIBI — “The Weekend” 79%

      Inhaler — “Ice Cream Sundae”: Let ’80s vibes and smooth synths carry you off on an ice cream-themed cloud.

      Bongzilla — “Sundae Driver”: If you can handle heavy metal, you should listen to the song that may be this strain’s namesake.

      88rising and BIBI — “The Weekend”: Chilling out on Sundae Driver takes on a new dimension with this laid-back dance song with a pulsing beat.

      Pairs With Food
      Chocolate-covered strawberries
      Chocolate-covered strawberries 75%
      Shiitake Alfredo pasta
      Shiitake Alfredo pasta 77%
      Frozen grapes
      Frozen grapes 74%

      Chocolate-covered strawberries: The perfect flavor combination to bring out the best of Sundae Driver.

      Shiitake Alfredo pasta: This dish’s creamy and earthy flavors blend well with this strain without overwhelming you.

      Frozen grapes: Snacking on these will bring out the fruit notes of this strain while hydrating you at the same time.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Sunday Driver cocktail
      Sunday Driver cocktail 77%
      Strawberry cream liqueur
      Strawberry cream liqueur 75%
      Sweet red wine
      Sweet red wine 78%

      Sunday Driver cocktail: Warm with ginger, this cocktail is perfect for balancing out the creaminess of this relaxing strain.

      Strawberry cream liqueur: Creamy and fruity sweetness will lull you into the perfect mood for enjoying Sundae Driver.

      Sweet red wine: Any blended sweet red from your favorite vineyard will do wonders to bring out this strain’s grape flavor.

      Where The Sundae Driver Strain Is Grown

      Colorado’s Cannarado Genetics are responsible for this fun strain. It was created by crossing Fruity Pebbles with the Grape Pie strain, resulting in a unique combination of creaminess and fruit. It’s a hybrid of both indica and sativa genetics with a slight emphasis on indica effects, much like Alchemy.

      Sundae Driver Strain Summary

      If you’re a big fan of grape flavors like Purple Happy Rancher, Sundae Driver is right up your alley. Just make sure not to actually drive after indulging since it can make you sleepy.

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