Panama Red Strain — A Superstar From the ’60s

It might not be hugely popular these days, but back in the 1960s, the Panama Red strain was a world-famous favorite. This landrace sativa hails from — you guessed it — Panama and delivers a mellow yet magical, happiness-inducing, vitality-boosting high. Suitable for both new tokers and experienced cannabisseurs alike, Panama Red will leave you feeling mentally stimulated, creative, talkative, euphoric, physically relaxed, and emotionally at peace.

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Panama Red Strain
9.5Expert Score
Panama Red Strain Flavor Scale

Panama Red smells sweet, citrusy, and earthy and has a flavor reminiscent of:

Herbal tea and spice
Sweet tropical fruits

      AVO Ratings



      16%- 20%




      Panama Red Strain Information

      Panama Red is a 100% sativa cannabis strain with an average THC content of 16% to 20%. This strain also contains roughly 0.5% CBD and 1% CBG, which can help regulate inflammation, alleviate pain and anxiety, and support focus and normal stress response. Many medical tokers have long loved the daytime-appropriate Panama Red for its beneficial effects on attention-deficit disorders, chronic pain, fatigue, headaches, low mood, and stress.

      Panama Red Strain Effects

      Happy 86%
      Mentally stimulated
      Mentally stimulated 83%
      Creative 88%
      Relaxed 84%
      Helps With
      Stress 87%
      Depression 86%
      Fatigue 86%
      Pain 78%
      Dry eyes
      Happy 42%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 41%
      Headache 45%
      Paranoia 46%

      Panama Red Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      New Riders of the Purple Sage — “Panama Red”
      New Riders of the Purple Sage — “Panama Red” 79%
      Panama, Tensnake — “Sunshine”
      Panama, Tensnake — “Sunshine” 91%
      Bob Marley & The Wailers — “Mellow Mood”
      Bob Marley & The Wailers — “Mellow Mood” 86%

      New Riders of the Purple Sage — “Panama Red”: It sounds a bit hokey and folksy, but this track from the 1970s is all about the Panama Red strain and worth a listen while you light up.

      Panama, Tensnake — “Sunshine”: This sunny track is excellent background music for kicking back with an afternoon bowl of Panama Red.

      Bob Marley & The Wailers — “Mellow Mood”: Elevate your day with a few puffs of Panama Red paired with this soothing song.

      Pairs With Food
      Fresh ceviche with mango salad and rice
      Fresh ceviche with mango salad and rice 86%
      Lobster 85%
      Sancocho 87%

      Fresh ceviche with mango salad and rice: Did you know the word “Panama” means “abundance of fish” in one of the country’s native tongues? So, of course, it’s only natural to indulge in some ocean fare alongside your Panamanian smoke.

      Lobster: It’s red and hails from Panamanian shores, just like the Panama Red strain.

      Sancocho: It’s a quintessential Panamanian dish, which makes it a natural pairing for Panama Red.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Seco Herrerano
      Seco Herrerano 85%
      Panamanian rum punch
      Panamanian rum punch 80%
      Craft 83%

      Seco Herrerano: Try one of Panama’s most popular spirits (which can replace rum or vodka in your adult beverages) with some Panama Red and let the combo float your cares away.

      Panamanian rum punch: It’s a bit sweet, a bit sour, and pairs perfectly with this classic Panamanian strain. Plus, it’s one of many easy cocktails you can make at home.

      Craft beer: Crack a cold one on a hot day, burn some Panama Red, kick your feet up, and let your mood soar.

      Where The Panama Red Strain Is Grown

      Panama Red originally came from Panama, but today, it’s primarily available in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

      Panama Red Strain Summary

      Use Panama Red to get yourself out of bed or as a midday pick-me-up when you need to level your mood, spark some creativity, alleviate pain, or focus on your to-do list. If this mellow strain floats your boat, and you’d like to try something similar, check out Haze (another strain from the 60s), Durban Poison (a landrace sativa from Africa), and Aceh (a landrace sativa from Indonesia). For something with a considerably zippier high, try Sour Diesel, Jack Herer, or Super Lemon Haze.

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