Aceh Strain — A Superb, Pure Sativa

If you’re a fan of classic sativas, the Aceh strain (also called Atjeh) should be right up your alley. This 100% pure sativa landrace is one of several cannabis varieties native to the region of Indonesia with the same name.

It’s tough to find Aceh (pronounced ach-eh) in the Western hemisphere, but if you can get your hands on this buzzy yet mellow bud, you’ll quickly see why it’s well-loved for both its flavor and effects.

Whether you’re looking for an even-keeled energy boost, motivation to tackle your to-do list, a creative muse, or you just wanna lift your spirits; the Aceh strain will give you what you need.

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Aceh Strain
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Aceh Strain Flavor Scale

With each exhale of the smooth and super-delicious Aceh strain, you’ll taste notes of:

Mango and other tropical fruits
Woody earth

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      Aceh Strain Information

      Like any good sativa, Aceh hits hard and fast. But unlike a lot of highly potent sativas, this strain contains just 10% THC, which makes its uplifting, euphoric head high mellow enough even for relatively inexperienced users.

      This bud’s effects err more toward chill rather than super speedy, but it’s still an excellent daytime companion. Aceh is perfect for a wake-and-bake breakfast, an early evening chill with friends, or focusing your energy so you can plow through the dreaded midday slump.

      Aceh can help with depression, stress, fatigue, low appetite, nausea, headaches, and pain. But if you’re prone to paranoia or anxiety, this strain may make your thoughts race, so it may not be the best choice.

      Aceh Strain Effects

      Uplifted 71%
      Energetic 72%
      Focused 77%
      Helps With
      Depression 71%
      Fatigue 67%
      Stress 70%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 43%
      Slight dizziness
      Slight dizziness 37%
      Mild anxiety
      Mild anxiety 35%

      Aceh Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Gramatik — “Friday”
      Gramatik — “Friday” 71%
      H.E.R. feat. YG — “Slide”
      H.E.R. feat. YG — “Slide” 69%
      Hippie Sabotage — “Floating Palace”
      Hippie Sabotage — “Floating Palace”: 69%

      Gramatik — “Friday”: With a few tokes of Aceh under your belt, every day can feel like Friday, and this funky jam is perfect for that vibe.

      H.E.R. feat. YG — “Slide”: This R&B jam is chill enough for kicking back but energetic enough to keep your mind moving, just like Aceh.

      Hippie Sabotage — “Floating Palace”: Aceh is the perfect strain for a mellow, motivating lift. Combined with this chill jam, it might just float you away on a cloud of creativity.

      Pairs With Food
      Tropical fruit salad
      Tropical fruit salad 69%
      Cheese plate
      Cheese plate 73%
      Brunch 76%

      Tropical fruit salad: It’s delicious, refreshing, and perfect for breakfast or lunch, just like Aceh.

      Cheese plate: Rich, creamy, savory cheeses provide a nice flavor contrast to Aceh’s fruity, tropical flavors and menthol undertones.

      Brunch: If you’re a fan of the wake and bake, pairing a bowl of Aceh with your favorite breakfast foods is an excellent way to get energized and ready to tackle the day.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Happy 50%
      Happy 50%
      Happy 50%

      Champagne: Aceh will have you feeling effervescent and lifted, quite like a glass of bubbly. The two are an excellent pair.

      Mango daiquiri: If you love the mango-forward, tropical fruit flavors of Aceh, why not get a double dose? Plus, like Aceh, a mango daiquiri is perfect for a little daytime lift.

      Mojito: Get a double dose of minty menthol when you pair Aceh with this classic daytime drink.

      Where The Aceh Strain Is Grown

      Aceh is one of many landrace strains native to the Aceh region of Indonesia.

      Aceh Strain Summary

      If you’re looking to try out an ancient, time-tested mellow sativa, Aceh is an excellent choice. It’s a great all-day companion that’ll lift you up and let you down gently. If you like this bud, you’ll probably also enjoy similarly uplifting strains like Emperor Cookie Dough, AK-47, and Kaya Mangonani.

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