Orange Cream Strain — Enjoy a Dreamy Dessert

Need some weed that’ll tantalize your tastebuds as it annihilates anxiety, stress, and low mood? Then treat yourself to some of the delightfully delicious Orange Cream strain. This dreamy, indica-dominant hybrid of the Cookies and Cream and Orange Valley OG strains will leave you feeling as carefree and content as can be. And if you struggle with pain, depression, mental tension, or insomnia, this herbal treat can set you free.

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Orange Cream Strain
9.5Expert Score
Orange Cream Strain Strain Flavor Scale

Each smooth, super tasty toke of the Orange Cream strain will drench your tastebuds in notes of:

Juicy orange
Creamy vanilla
Peppery herbs

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      Orange Cream Strain Information

      Orange Cream is a 70/30 indica-sativa hybrid with a fairly moderate THC content of about 19% and CBG content of 1%. A few tokes will almost instantly bring on a tingly, soothing body high that’ll quell pain, alleviate muscle tension, and leave you feeling remarkably relaxed.

      You’ll feel the cares of the day start to melt away, and as your high wears on, you’ll probably get hit with a monster case of the munchies, too. After satisfying your snarling stomach, you’ll feel sedation set in and will likely get a bit stuck wherever you happen to sit.

      Orange Cream Strain Effects

      Happy 85%
      Relaxed 88%
      Tingly 82%
      Sleepy 76%
      Helps With
      Depression 91%
      Pain 86%
      Anxiety 80%
      Stress 84%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 40%
      Anxiety 37%
      Dizziness 43%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 44%

      Orange Cream Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Kimbra — “Sweet Relief”
      Kimbra — “Sweet Relief” 76%
      Glass Animals — “Gooey”
      Glass Animals — “Gooey” 85%
      Drevm — “Orange Cream”
      Drevm — “Orange Cream” 81%

      Kimbra — “Sweet Relief”: Turn this funky, fun track up while you enjoy a few tokes and let the combo give you some sweet, end-of-day relief.

      Glass Animals — “Gooey”: As you settle into your dreamy Orange Cream high, you’ll inevitably feel just like the title of this track.

      Drevm — “Orange Cream”: This chill lofi track is excellent background music for a low-key evening with some Orange Cream on deck.

      Pairs With Food
      Dreamsicle 87%
      Cannabis-infused coconut rum ice cream
      Cannabis-infused coconut rum ice cream 83%
      Orange chicken and veggies
      Orange chicken and veggies 86%

      Dreamsicle: Enjoy this tasty treat alongside your tasty smoke, put your feet up, and let nostalgia carry you away.

      Cannabis-infused coconut rum ice cream: If you really wanna blow yourself away, enjoy this creamy, cannabis-infused concoction alongside your sweet, soothing smoke.

      Orange chicken and veggies: Add some savory, umami notes to your sweet, citrusy smoke with this delicious dish.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Orange creamsicle
      Orange creamsicle 91%
      Tequila sunset
      Tequila sunset 89%
      Rosemary citrus scotch and soda
      Rosemary citrus scotch and soda 87%

      Orange creamsicle: Sip on this delectable, creamy cocktail if you just can’t get enough of the Orange Cream’s dreamy flavor.

      Tequila sunset: Sip on this classic citrusy cocktail as you enjoy a sunset spliff and let the combo wind you down in a hurry.

      Rosemary citrus scotch and soda: A few tokes of Orange Cream, along with this herbaceous twist on a classic, calming nighttime cocktail, will have you chilled out in a hurry.

      Where The Orange Cream Strain Is Grown

      The breeders at Washington State-based Exotic Genetix are the masterminds behind the Orange Cream strain.

      Orange Cream Strain Summary

      Orange Cream is a total dream of a strain when you wanna lift your spirits and banish stress and anxiety at the end of a long, trying day. If you love how this flower makes you feel, you may also wanna try a similarly relaxing strain like Ice Cream Man. If, on the other hand, you’re in the mood for something quite a bit more stimulating, keep your eyes peeled for the sativa-dominant Orange Creamsicle strain.

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