North American Indica Strain

Unlike many carefully bred and stabilized strains, the name North American indica refers to a wide range of marijuana plants that have become naturalized to the continent. Growing wild, they’re considered their own “landrace,” which is a variety of a plant that adapts to the conditions of a specific area. Any indica grown in North America that isn’t another specific named variety can be labeled with this strain name.

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North Americal Indica Strain
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North American Indica Strain Flavor Scale

The flavors dominant in any one plant can vary, but these wild indicas tend to feature notes of:


      AVO Ratings



      17% to 19%




      North American Indica Strain Information

      The plants within this strain can vary widely, but they’re best adapted to grow wild 30 degrees latitude in cooler climates. Buds of North American indica also tend to feature a lime green color with orange hairs, much like Ocean Beach.

      North American Indica Strain Effects

      Relaxation 76%
      Giggly 68%
      Euphoria 69%
      Helps With
      Depression 72%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 65%
      Fatigue and Anxiety
      Fatigue and Anxiety 71%
      Dry eye
      Dry eye 47%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 39%
      Couchlock 44%

      NorthAmerican Indica Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Lovejoys — Let Me Rock You Now
      Lovejoys — Let Me Rock You Now 63%
      Outkast — Crumbling ’Erb
      Outkast — Crumbling ’Erb 58%
      Aesop Rock — Daylight
      Aesop Rock — Daylight 66%

      Lovejoys — Let Me Rock You Now: Put on a reggae dub classic to let the relaxing effects of an indica carry you away on a cloud.

      Outkast — Crumbling ’Erb: Relax with one of Outkast’s more laid-back tracks that’s all about the amazing effects of indicas like this one.

      Aesop Rock — Daylight: Stay upbeat by pairing your favorite North American indica with this Aesop Rock hit.

      Pairs With Food
      Pancakes With Whipped Cream
      Pancakes With Whipped Cream 68%
      Fajita Nachos
      Fajita Nachos 64%
      Pad Thai
      Pad Thai 57%

      Pancakes With Whipped Cream: For a sweet treat that goes well with the pine flavors of most indicas, try pancakes topped with whipped cream rather than syrup.

      Fajita Nachos: Fully dressed nachos complete with smoky fajita toppings are perfect for bringing out the spicy notes of this strain.

      Pad Thai: Relaxing with a heavy indica is easy with some Pad Thai to enjoy.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Schiava Red Wine
      Schiava Red Wine 62%
      Hard Seltzer
      Hard Seltzer 72%
      Dark Lager
      Dark Lager 66%

      Schiava Red Wine: Studies show that red wine is more relaxing than other drinks, making a light type a great pairing with an indica.

      Hard Seltzer: A fruity-flavored hard seltzer, whether canned or mixed fresh, brings out the best flavors of this strain.

      Dark Lager: With a richer taste that brings out the toasted notes of any strain, a dark lager is also a great choice for a strain like London Pound Cake.

      Where the North American Indica Strain Is Grown

      North American indica plants began growing anywhere they could adapt as people tossed out the seeds from their marijuana. After decades of adaption, the plant has developed a relatively stable set of characteristics, including a 17% to 19% THC content.

      North American indica Strain Summary

      Give this landrace a try to see the best of what North America has to offer when it comes to indica bliss.

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