Motorbreath Strain — A High With Serious Horsepower

Want to propel yourself into a state of pure bliss? Then you might wanna give the Motorbreath strain a try. This indica-dominant hybrid will send your mind soaring straight to cloud nine while it soothes and sedates your physical form. Whether you’re looking to forget a long, stressful day or lull yourself into a deep, peaceful sleep, Motorbreath will have you feeling right all night.

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Motorbreath Strain
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Can you imagine licking a funky-smelling garage? Because that’s the best way to describe what the Motorbreath strain tastes like. With each toke, your tongue will pick up a mind-boggling combo of:


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      Motorbreath Strain Information

      Motorbreath is a 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid with an average THC content of about 28% and virtually no CBD. This potent, heavy strain delivers a creeping, tingly, euphoric sensation that will have you feeling totally at ease within minutes of your first couple hits. Motorbreath will gently sedate your physical form and leave you super-stuck to your couch as your mind drifts off into paradise.

      This ultra-relaxing strain can definitely send you off to slumber town if you have trouble sleeping. Many people also rely on this soothing, uplifting bud to help with anxiety, depression, stress, low appetite, pain, and nausea.

      Motorbreath Strain Effects

      Relaxed 77%
      Uplifted 76%
      Sleepy 74%
      Helps With
      Stress 79%
      Depression 71%
      Insomnia 72%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 39%
      Mild dizziness
      Mild dizziness 34%
      Mild paranoia
      Mild paranoia 38%

      Motorbreath Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Masego, Shelea — “Bliss”
      Masego, Shelea — “Bliss” 81%
      Sticky Fingers — “How to Fly”
      Sticky Fingers — “How to Fly” 78%
      Jimmy Cliff — “I Can See Clearly Now”
      Jimmy Cliff — “I Can See Clearly Now” 72%

      Masego, Shelea — “Bliss”: After a few puffs of Motorbreath, this super-chill jam should mirror your mental state nicely.

      Sticky Fingers — “How to Fly”: Motorbreath will have your mind soaring so high you might just feel like you’re learning how to fly.

      Jimmy Cliff — “I Can See Clearly Now”: Motorbreath might not have you feeling super clear, but it’ll certainly make you feel like blue skies are ahead. Play this jam if you wanna lift your spirits even higher.

      Pairs With Food
      Charcuterie 76%
      Tostadas 73%
      Hot and sour soup
      Hot and sour soup 79%

      Charcuterie: A variety of pungent cheeses, salty meats, and crunchy crackers will keep you munching happily while Motorbreath melts your mind.

      Tostadas: Munch on these tasty flavor bombs while you let Motorbreath relax you. Squeeze some fresh lime on top to bring out the strain’s citrus and pine notes.

      Hot and sour soup: Accentuate Motorbreath’s sharp flavors with this addictive, silky, super-flavorful Chinese soup.

      Pairs With Spirits
      IPA 77%
      Vodka 72%
      The Last Word
      The Last Word 78%

      IPA: If beer is your chill-out beverage of choice, an IPA goes great with Motorbreath’s diesel, chemical, and citrus notes.

      Vodka: Motorbreath’s super-strong flavor calls for an equally strong-tasting spirit. Whip up a martini if you want something potent, or throw together a Moscow Mule if you want a zesty bite that’ll offset those skunky, diesel notes.

      The Last Word: This gin and Chartreuse-based cocktail is just a touch sweet and super herbaceous, which makes it a tasty compliment for Motorbreath’s strong flavors.

      Where The Motorbreath Strain Is Grown

      The breeders at Pisces Genetics created the Motorbreath strain when they crossed SFV OG Kush and Chemdog.

      Motorbreath Strain Summary

      If you’re ready to motor yourself straight up to cloud nine while gently lulling your physical form into a state of pure relaxation, the Motorbreath strain is an excellent end-of-day smoke. Strains that’ll get you similarly happy and sedated include III OG, G-Force, and Orange Velvet Underground.

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