III OG Strain — Get Couch-Locked and Loaded

Had a not-so-great day? Perhaps you’re just feeling a little blue? Then, the III OG strain is just for you. This super-potent, long-lasting strain delivers a beautifully uplifting, stony high that’ll have you feeling lifted immediately, then loose, then lazy, and lethargic.

Whether you’re looking to lift your mood and liberate your mind or sedate yourself to sleep, this blissful bud is definitely worth a try.

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III OG Strain
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III OG strain boasts a classic spicy, gassy, piney flavor that fans of kush-heavy strains should enjoy. When you partake, you’ll taste notes of:

Pine and herbs

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      III OG Strain Information

      The III OG strain clocks in at 17%-23% THC and no CBD. This 70/30 indica-sativa hybrid is known for producing a super long-lasting high that kicks off with fast- and hard-hitting mental effects.

      You’ll feel euphoric and sociable, without a care in the world, but eventually, this bud’s heavy indica effects will lay you out. You’ll feel deep physical relaxation, which will inevitably morph into intense couch-lock, and ultimately, III OG will have you falling into a deep and happy sleep.

      Both recreational and medical tokers turn to this strain for its powerful effects on depression, stress, chronic pain, insomnia, and muscle cramps.

      III OG Strain Effects

      Relaxed 81%
      Carefree 72%
      Sedated 76%
      Helps With
      Stress 69%
      Depression 71%
      Insomnia 65%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 37%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 44%

      III OG Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Pensees — “Mercury”
      Pensees — “Mercury” 69%
      GRIZ — “Gettin’ High, Havin’ Fun”
      GRIZ — “Gettin’ High, Havin’ Fun” 72%
      SiR, Kendrick Lamar — “Hair Down”
      SiR, Kendrick Lamar — “Hair Down” 71%

      Pensees — “Mercury”: III OG can be a little trippy at times, especially before its heavy body high sets in. Amplify those slightly psychedelic effects with this captivating, ambient tune.

      GRIZ — “Gettin’ High, Havin’ Fun”: While you let III OG lift your mood and wash your mind clean, blast this groovy jam in the background. Bust a move. Dare you not to.

      SiR, Kendrick Lamar — “Hair Down”: If you’re trying to let go and let your hair down, a bowl of III OG and this jam about tackling anxieties and living life on your own terms is the perfect combo

      Pairs With Food
      Chocolate chip cookies
      Chocolate chip cookies 71%
      Pancetta, apple, and cheddar grilled cheese
      Pancetta, apple, and cheddar grilled cheese 74%
      Lasagna 69%

      Chocolate chip cookies: Why not? They’re the perfect comfort food. Plus, cannabis and cookies are always a super-satisfying combo.

      Pancetta, apple, and cheddar grilled cheese: Munch on this while the taste of III OG still lingers on your tongue. Enjoy how the unique flavors complement each other.

      Lasagna: Saucy, meaty, cheesy, decadent goodness. It’s a total flavor bomb, super satisfying to scarf down, and the perfect solution for when the III OG munchies come calling.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Red wine
      Red wine 70%
      Boulevardier 74%
      Pilsner 69%

      Red wine: The bold notes in III OG call for an equally bold adult beverage — something dry, like a pinot noir or syrah.

      Boulevardier: This whiskey-based cocktail is perfect for winding down at the end of a long day. It’s warming and a touch spicy, just like III OG.

      Pilsner: Crisp, light, and floral, pilsner’s primary terpenes are complementary to those in III OG. Plus, the terpenes in hops and the terpenes in cannabis naturally enhance one another, so beer and weed are pretty much natural best friends.

      Where The III OG Strain Is Grown

      III OG was first grown in California, where the master breeders created it at Los Angeles Kush. The strain is a three-generation-deep backcross of another indica-dominant hybrid strain, True OG, which descends from OG Kush.

      III OG Strain Summary

      When you wanna kick back, chill out, and forget about a less-than-awesome day, III OG is your ticket. This bud’s super-relaxing, uplifting mental effects will quickly subdue negative thoughts while its stony body high will steadily subdue your physical form. Other similarly relaxing and sleep-inducing strains include Liquid Butter, American Kush, and White Queen.

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