Banana Punch Strain — Enjoy a Punch of Sweet Happiness

If you’re a fan of mood-lifting weed and whatever Ms. Chiquita has going on in that giant hat — which, if you don’t know, is a whole lotta tropical fruit — you’ll love the Banana Punch strain. This evenly balanced hybrid delivers head-to-toe effects that’ll have you feeling tingly, tranquil, and totally at ease.

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Banana Punch Strain
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Banana Punch Strain Flavor Scale

The Banana Punch strain tastes just like what you might imagine a banana-based tropical punch might taste like. Each toke will bless your palate with notes of:

Spicy fruits

      AVO Ratings



      18% to 26%




      Banana Punch Strain Information

      Depending on where you get it, Banana Punch can be moderately or seriously potent, as this strain’s THC levels typically range from 18% to 26%. This 50/50 indica-sativa hybrid is known for being a bit of a creeper, so don’t be surprised if its full effects come on slower than other strains.

      When it does hit, the Banana Punch high kicks off with a mood-lifting, euphoric brain buzz that’ll have you feeling happy, creative, and focused for hours on end. Eventually, a soothing relaxation will wash over your physical form, which, combined with your brain buzz, will leave you feeling totally tranquil and at ease.

      It won’t take long for those gently relaxing effects to morph into full-blown sedation, and from there, you’ll likely find yourself dozing off to sleep. Lots of folks say Banana Punch is an excellent medicine for a variety of physical and mental health concerns, including pain, depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, excessive stress, and insomnia.

      Banana Punch Strain Effects

      Tingly body buzz
      Tingly body buzz 78%
      Relaxed 71%
      Giggly 75%
      Helps With
      Stress 76%
      Pain 77%
      Depression 70%
      Headache 42%
      Mild Anxiety
      Mild Anxiety 35%
      Mild Paranoia
      Mild Paranoia 38%

      Banana Punch Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      ¿Téo? — “Thru My Hair”
      ¿Téo? — “Thru My Hair” 78%
      Cherokee — “Love Your Days”
      Cherokee — “Love Your Days” 74%
      Jack Johnson — “Banana Pancakes”
      Jack Johnson — “Banana Pancakes” 81%

      ¿Téo? — “Thru My Hair”: This Latin-style number will have you feeling like you’re chillin’ on a beach somewhere along the Gulf of Mexico. So will Banana Punch, so the two are an excellent pair.

      Cherokee — “Love Your Days”: Banana Punch will definitely have you loving your days after you enjoy a few tokes, and this groovy, endless summer jam will have you feeling the same. Pair the two, and your mood will soar.

      Jack Johnson — “Banana Pancakes”: This song is meant to keep ya from doin’ what you’re supposed to (according to the lyrics), and Banana Punch has the same effect. A match made in heaven.

      Pairs With Food
      Banana cream pie
      Banana cream pie 82%
      Fruit salad
      Fruit salad 78%
      Barbeque pineapple pizza
      Barbeque pineapple pizza 72%

      Banana cream pie: Nosh in this creamy, delectable dessert to double your happiness while enjoying some Banana Punch.

      Fruit salad: If you want something healthy when the munchies hit, toss together a bowl of your favorite fruits and chow down. If you’re craving something a little more indulgent, spoon some Cool Whip in there.

      Barbeque pineapple pizza: Pizza is always the best when you’re high and hungry, and the sweet, spicy, and smoky notes in this one tastes amazing alongside Banana Punch’s fruit-forward flavor. Is pineapple on pizza a sin? That’s your call.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Painkiller 76%
      Daiquiri 75%
      Spicy margarita
      Spicy margarita 70%

      Painkiller: Banana Punch has some super-strong pineapple notes, and so does this delicious tropical cocktail. Enjoy them together, and you might just feel like you’ve taken some real painkillers.

      Daiquiri: Sip on something sour and just a touch sweet to offset the super-sweet, fruity flavors of Banana Punch.

      Spicy margarita: Banana Punch is super sweet with a touch of spice, and this spicy take on the classic margarita pairs well with those notes.

      Where The Banana Punch Strain Is Grown

      Banana Punch first graced the weed world with her presence when the breeders at Symbiotic Genetics in California crossed Banana OG and Purple Punch.

      Banana Punch Strain Summary

      If you like a fruity, relaxing, uplifting weed, Banana Punch is definitely worth a try. Even if you’re a seasoned user, this strain will have you feeling soothed, sedated, and completely carefree. If you enjoy your time with this bud, you’ll likely also have a good time with YEM OG and Runtz.

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