Mac 1 Strain — The Number One Miracle for Energy

It has a silly-sounding name, but Mac 1 actually stands for Miracle Alien Cookies #1. Not only is this a unique hybrid of some very popular genetics, but it’s also only grown by cultivators approved by the breeder of the seeds. Getting a hold of Mac 1 is a special occasion indeed.

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Mac 1 Strain
9.5Expert Score
Mac 1 Strain Flavor Scale

While many modern hybrids are sweet and sugary, Mac 1 has almost a savory flavor profile like NY Cheese that includes notes of:

Creamy butter
Pungent, funky blue cheese
Sour citrus

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      Mac 1 Strain Information

      Purported to carry rare sativa genetics from Colombia that isn’t easily found in today’s strains, Mac 1 is worth a try if you can find it. It has mood and energy-boosting effects that last for hours.

      Mac 1 Strain Effects

      Energizing 72%
      Mood lifting
      Mood lifting 71%
      Balancing 74%
      Helps With
      Depression 73%
      Lack of energy
      Lack of energy 70%
      Stress 72%
      Anxiety 74%
      Dizziness 39%
      Paranoia 38%

      Mac 1 Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Mac Miller — “Self Care”
      Mac Miller — “Self Care” 70%
      Village People — “Big Mac”
      Village People — “Big Mac” 68%
      Future — “Mask Off”
      Future — “Mask Off” 74%

      Mac Miller — “Self Care”: Put on one of Mac Miller’s top songs to set the right mood for enjoying this uniquely named strain.

      Village People — “Big Mac”: Can you take the disco cheesiness of this silly song without dancing, especially after indulging in a little Mac 1?

      Future — “Mask Off”: Reveal your true self with a few puffs of this strain and a chart-topper from way back in 2017.

      Pairs With Food
      Hamburger mac and cheese
      Hamburger mac and cheese 72%
      Classic macaroons
      Classic macaroons 69%
      Coconut shrimp fried rice
      Coconut shrimp fried rice 70%

      Hamburger mac and cheese: Mix up an old classic to kick back and spend more time enjoying the effects of this strain.

      Classic macaroons: French macaroons may be fancy, but they’re worth pairing with the savory funkiness of Mac 1.

      Coconut shrimp fried rice: Balance out the pungent notes from this strain with a sweet combination of two classic takeout dishes.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Cookies and cream cocktail
      Cookies and cream cocktail 74%
      Red ale
      Red ale 67%
      Mezcal 71%

      Cookies and cream cocktail: Whether you style it as a Mudslide-type milkshake or a thinner martini, a creamy sweet drink is this strain’s perfect accompaniment.

      Red ale: Also known as Irish ale, this drink is bracing enough to cut through the notes of this strain.

      Mezcal: Take advantage of the energy boost that comes from Mac 1 by pairing it with a rich smoky Mezcal.

      Where The Mac 1 Strain Is Grown

      The long name of Miracle Alien Cookies #1 hints at the strain’s heritage. It’s a combination of Miracle 15, Alien Cookies, and Colombian genetics.

      Mac 1 Strain Summary

      If you’re a fan of Liquid Butter and similar strains, make tracks to find Mac 1. This strain is uncommon, but it’s worth seeking out for its unique flavor and strong sativa effects.

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