Lemon-Cake Strain — Baked With a Citrus Twist

Many strains today are either sweet or sour, but Lemon-Cake manages to balance both flavors almost perfectly. When it comes to the effects, they’re tipped far more towards the sativa side of the scale. It’s far sweeter and creamier than the Lemon OG strain.

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Lemon Cake Strain
9.5Expert Score
Lemon-Cake Strain Flavor Scale

With a hint of complexity thanks to its interesting background, Lemon-Cake tastes like:

Sour lemon
Sweet citrus
Mild cheesiness

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      Lemon-Cake Strain Information

      Sometimes called Lemon Cheesecake instead because of its exciting flavor, it’s similar to Double Barrel OG in many ways. It’s a good choice for daytime use because of its mood-boosting and energy-increasing benefits. With its ability to increase focus, it’s a rare strain that can help you work rather than serve as a distraction.

      Lemon-Cake Strain Effects

      Increased focus
      Increased focus 84%
      Uplifted mood
      Uplifted mood 75%
      Improved energy levels
      Improved energy levels 81%
      Helps With
      Depression 78%
      Stress 75%
      Fatigue 85%
      Paranoia 42%
      Dizziness 44%
      Anxiety 40%

      Lemon-Cake Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Alvvays — “Atop a Cake”
      Alvvays — “Atop a Cake” 81%
      Lil Yachty — “Lemon Head”
      Lil Yachty — “Lemon Head” 78%
      Dead Sara — “Lemon Scent”
      Dead Sara — “Lemon Scent” 79%

      Alvvays — “Atop a Cake”: This indie song is as cheerful and bubbly as this strain will make you feel.

      Lil Yachty — “Lemon Head”: Shake off a sour mood with Lil Yatchy and the sweetness of this strain.

      Dead Sara — “Lemon Scent”: Get all riled up with Lemon-Cake and this alternative song that’s more sour than sweet.

      Pairs With Food
      Triple lemon pound cake
      Triple lemon pound cake 72%
      Marinated feta salad
      Marinated feta salad 81%
      Red coconut curry
      Red coconut curry 76%

      Triple lemon pound cake: Amp up the citrus of this strain with a pound cake made with lemon juice, zest, and flavoring oil.

      Marinated feta salad: Bring out the hints of cheese in this strain’s flavor profile with a savory appetizer.

      Red coconut curry: Spice up your next session with Lemon-Cake with a curry featuring your favorite protein

      Pairs With Spirits
      Cake Batter Martini
      Cake Batter Martini 76%
      Clara Beer
      Clara Beer 81%
      Vanilla Vodka
      Vanilla Vodka 84%

      Cake Batter Martini: As interesting looking as it tastes, this thick cocktail is for the true connoisseur of sweets like Lemon-Cake.

      Clara Beer: Actually a combination of lemonade and beer, this summertime drink goes great with this strain.

      Vanilla Vodka: Bring out the cheesecake side of this strain with shots of vanilla vodka made with real vanilla beans.

      Where The Lemon-Cake Strain Is Grown

      This sativa-dominant strain combines both Cheese and Lemon Skunk varieties to create something new entirely. It was bred by Heavyweight Seeds, a company based out of Spain.

      Lemon-Cake Strain Summary

      Perfectly flavored for a mid-morning mood boost or a late-night dessert with friends, Lemon-Cake lives up to its cheerful name. Give it a try the next time you see it in your local dispensary to be pleasantly surprised by its balanced flavor and energizing effects.

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