Grape Drink Strain — A Sweet Escape

If you’re a fan of grape-flavored anything and you love a good hazy, lazy high, the Grape Drink strain should be right up your alley. This indica-dominant hybrid bud is sweet on the tongue and even sweeter to your mind and body, delivering powerful relaxation and a reflective, euphoric brain buzz.

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Grape Drink Strain
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Grape Drink Strain Flavor Scale

Grape Drink is a fruitylicious combo of sweet grape and berry notes blended with earthy, slightly spicy, and dank undertones. The three main flavors in Grape Drink are:

Sweet grape

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      18 -21%




      Grape Drink Strain Information

      The Grape Drink strain is a cross between two widely loved strains, Grape God and Kimbo Kush. It’s 70% indica and 30% sativa, with a THC content of between 18% and 21% and 1% CBG.

      It’s heavy on the indica side, so Grape Drink delivers a lazy, relaxing physical high complete with a tingly body buzz. Its sativa side shines through, too, bringing about a reflective, creative, uplifted mental state that’s excellent for kicking stress, depression, negativity, and anxiety to the curb.

      Grape Drink can be enjoyed in small doses during the day for a relaxing mood boost and powerful stress relief. But if you’re planning to indulge in a daytime smoke, breaking out the bud during late afternoon is best, and you should really only partoke if you have some tolerance built up. Since the strain is so relaxing, it’s probably better to light up during the early evening and ride out your high ’til you conk out.

      Grape Drink Strain Effects

      Happy 70%
      Tingly 57%
      Drowsy 26%
      Helps With
      Pain 64%
      Stress 74%
      Depression 75%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 43%
      Paranoia 47%

      Grape Drink Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Slacker Boy — Chillin
      Slacker Boy — Chillin 62%
      BROCKHAMPTON — Sugar
      BROCKHAMPTON — Sugar 50%
      Introspective Culture — Liberated
      Introspective Culture — Liberated 67%

      Slacker Boy — Chillin’

      Kick back, light up, and relax into a reflective, happy state with this chill tune playing in the background.

      BROCKHAMPTON — Sugar

      A sweet R&B jam to go with your sweet weed and your sweet, sweet Grape Drink high.

      Introspective Culture — Liberated

      While you let Grape Drink liberate your mind and relax your body, this reggae-esque jam will help you loosen up and get lost in reflective thought.

      Pairs With Food
      Frozen grapes
      Frozen grapes 65%
      Berry pie
      Berry pie 70%
      Charcuterie 57%

      Frozen grapes: If you’ve never had these little bombs of awesome, your Grape Drink high is the perfect time to give them a try. Smoke your grapes and eat ’em too.

      Berry pie: While you’re feelin’ all high and happy, indulge your sweet tooth even more with a slice (or two!) of your favorite berry pie. After all, isn’t pie pretty much pure joy in food form?

      Charcuterie: Nosh on some salty, savory, finger food goodness to cut the sweetness of Grape Drink. The variety of foods and the variance in textures are crazy satisfying when the munchies hit.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Wine 62%
      Concord grape gin fizz
      Concord grape gin fizz 55%
      Transfusion 56%

      Wine: The OG grape drink. If you wanna keep with the sweet vibe, opt for something like a Riesling or Moscato, but if you want a little contrast, a zesty white is excellent, too.

      Concord grape gin fizz: A fruity take on a well-loved classic, this herbaceous and grape-forward libation will get you buzzing while you enjoy your happy Grape Drink high.

      Transfusion: A little grape juice, a splash of ginger ale, good-quality vodka, and a little lime make for a light and super-refreshing cocktail that pairs perfectly with Grape Drink.

      Where The Grap Drink Strain Is Grown

      Nobody really knows who came up with the Grape Drink strain, but it’s popular from coast to coast throughout the United States.

      Grape Drink Strain Summary

      Wanna wind down your day right? Start your evening off with a few good rips of the Grape Drink strain. If you’re a big fan of grapes, Granddaddy Purple is a must-try too. Other strains with similar effects and flavors include Blueberry OG, Grape Ape, and Kaya Grape Escape.

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