Godfather OG Strain — An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Named after the popular 1972 film starring Marlon Brando, the strain is truly one of the top varieties available today. It is a hybrid with a balanced ratio of sativa to indica effects, but the extra high 25% to 28% THC content helps it conquer the most challenging pain or mood concerns. This strain is also known as the Don of All OGs.

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Godfather OG Strain
9.5Expert Score
Godfather OG Strain Flavor Scale

Popular mostly for its effects, the Godfather OG still brings plenty of flavor to the table with notes of:

Pungent diesel fuel
Fresh pine
Sweet and juicy grapes

      AVO Ratings



      25% to 28%




      Godfather OG Strain Information

      This strain is primarily popular with medicinal users who are looking for the ultimate in relaxation and pain relief. The high THC content handles conditions that other strains can’t touch, making it a must-have for some fans. Use it with caution if you’re a newcomer since it can be overwhelming.

      Godfather OG Strain Effects

      Calming 83%
      Hunger boosting
      Hunger boosting 85%
      Relaxing 87%
      Helps With
      Stress 78%
      Anxiety 81%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 83%
      Insomnia 83%
      Arthritis 88%
      Migraines 82%
      Cramping 79%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 45%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 40%
      Dizziness 44%

      Godfather OG Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Everclear – “Father of Mine”
      Everclear – “Father of Mine” 83%
      Bonnie Tyler – “Total Eclipse of the Heart”
      Bonnie Tyler – “Total Eclipse of the Heart” 87%
      BLACKPINK – “Shut Down”
      BLACKPINK – “Shut Down” 82%

      Everclear – “Father of Mine”: Kick it with a ’90s alt-rock hit to set the tone for your Godfather OG experience.

      Bonnie Tyler – “Total Eclipse of the Heart”: You’ll definitely experience an eclipse of the heart towards this strain after trying it.

      BLACKPINK – “Shut Down”: Don’t expect to get much done other than shutting down and relaxing after you enjoy this strain.

      Pairs With Food
      Banana blueberry muffins
      Banana blueberry muffins 85%
      Lamb burgers
      Lamb burgers 81%
      Pork stew
      Pork stew 83%

      Banana blueberry muffins: Healthy muffins full of fun blueberries will help soothe the munchies.

      Lamb burgers: For something more substantial, bring out the earthy flavors in this strain with grilled lamb burgers.

      Pork stew: A stew rich with pork, potatoes, and green chilis goes great with the Godfather OG.

      Pairs With Spirits
      French Toast White Russian
      French Toast White Russian 86%
      Pine schnapps
      Pine schnapps 87%
      Polar Bear shot
      Polar Bear shot 77%

      French Toast White Russian: Top up a traditional White Russian with some maple and cinnamon flavors to sweeten your Godfather OG experience.

      Pine schnapps: Tease out the pine flavors in this strain with schnapps that hails from the Alps.

      Polar Bear shot: Chocolate and mint go perfectly together in this icy shot.

      Where The Godfather OG Strain Is Grown

      Three popular strains come together to create the beauty that is Godfather OG: L.A. Confidential, Bubba Kush, and GDP.

      Godfather OG Strain Summary

      When you really need a true OG on your side, turn to Godfather OG. The high THC content will make you feel favored by the Don himself.

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