Dragon’s Breath Strain — Blaze the Fiery Sensation

Want to get so high you’ll wonder how many ounces in a pound of weed? Get a hold of some Dragon’s Breath, a high-THC strain that’s perfect for making cannabutter. Often mistaken for the Red Dragon strain, this variety has a bold flavor that isn’t too sweet.

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Dragon’s Breath Strain
9.5Expert Score
Dragon’s Breath Strain Flavor Scale

A few puffs of this strain will have you feeling like a dragon thanks to flavors that pair well with many spirits, including:

Spicy herbal notes
Classic skunkiness
Slightly sweet and cooling mint

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      Dragon’s Breath Strain Information

      There’s no passing a drug test after enjoying this strain, thanks to its average 25% THC level. It also has 1% or more CBD, making it unnecessary to use a separate CBD oil along with Dragon’s Breath for pain relief. It’s popular for boosting energy, creativity, and willingness to talk.

      Dragon’s Breath Strain Effects

      Social feelings
      Social feelings 90%
      Creativity 87%
      Energy boost
      Energy boost 87%
      Helps With
      Social anxiety
      Social anxiety 85%
      Depression 87%
      Chronic fatigue
      Chronic fatigue 84%
      Stress 86%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 89%
      Lack of motivation
      Lack of motivation 81%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 45%
      Paranoia at high doses
      Paranoia at high doses 36%

      Dragon’s Breath Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Martin Garrix — “Dragon”
      Martin Garrix — “Dragon” 86%
      Future — “Last Breath”
      Future — “Last Breath” 85%
      Cupid — “Fifty Fifty”
      Cupid — “Fifty Fifty” 88%

      Martin Garrix “Dragon”: Amp up your next session with an empowering sativa and this dance hit.

      Future — “Last Breath”: Get the motivation you need to tackle the day with this marijuana strain.

      Cupid — “Fifty Fifty”: For a relaxing Dragon’s Breath session, put on some light K-pop.

      Pairs With Food
      Jerk fried tomatoes
      Jerk fried tomatoes 89%
      Peach and berry pie
      Peach and berry pie 80%
      Butter burgers
      Butter burgers 89%

      Jerk fried tomatoes: Make one of the best weed recipes to showcase the spicy flavor of this strain.

      Peach and berry pie: A juicy pie bursting with summer flavors is a great contrast to the flavors of Dragon’s Breath.

      Butter burgers: Fry up some rich burgers to relieve the munchies.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Dragon’s Breath cocktail
      Dragon’s Breath cocktail 89%
      Scotch 83%
      Malbec wine
      Malbec wine 84%

      Dragon’s Breath cocktail: Mix up one of the most astonishing cocktails out there that actually releases its own smoke.

      Scotch: A woodsy flavor is also ideal for pairing with a strain like Ghost Train Haze.

      Malbec wine: Sweet berries and a smoky finish fit perfectly with this strain.

      Where The Dragon’s Breath Strain Is Grown

      Arising from a cross of Jack Herer and Northern Lights, the Dragon’s Breath strain has a flavor that’s similar in many ways to the popular Afgoo variety.

      Dragon’s Breath Strain Summary

      If you’re looking for a creative experience that is less intense than taking psychedelic mushrooms, Dragon’s Breath is a good bet for a wild night.

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