Cherry Bomb Strain — It’s the (Cherry) Bomb

When you need a balanced hybrid strain that has a mildly sweet flavor, go with Cherry Bomb. Not only is this popular weed strain not too sugary but it’s also known for having milder effects. A moderate THC content of 15% to 19% makes it a good cannabis strain to let beginners explore without worrying about feeling overwhelmed. For a strain with a sweet and musky flavor that packs in much more THC, try Kiwiskunk.

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Cherry Bomb Strain
9.5Expert Score
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This marijuana strain has a flavor profile similar to Cherry Diesel in many ways, featuring the taste of:

Fresh cherries
Sweet vanilla
Musky skunk notes

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      Cherry Bomb Strain Information

      If you like the mental stimulation that comes from Citral Glue, you’ll want to try Cherry Bomb in your homemade edible recipes. The light-colored buds have a light smoke, and the THC won’t come on too strong, but the effects will last for hours. Fluffy buds help you learn how to roll a blunt with ease.

      Cherry Bomb Strain Effects

      Focused and productive
      Focused and productive 92%
      Boosted energy levels
      Boosted energy levels 82%
      Increased creativity
      Increased creativity 87%
      Helps With
      Arthritis 87%
      Migraines 90%
      Depression 85%
      Stress 83%
      Lack of creativity
      Lack of creativity 87%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 41%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 46%
      Dizziness 45%

      Cherry Bomb Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Dan Auerbach – Cherrybomb
      Dan Auerbach – Cherrybomb 87%
      Rage Against the Machine – Calm Like a Bomb
      Rage Against the Machine – Calm Like a Bomb 88%
      Tyler the Creator – Cherry Bomb
      Tyler the Creator – Cherry Bomb 85%

      Dan Auerbach – Cherrybomb: An upbeat indie rock tune will put pep in your step after you indulge in the Cherry Bomb strain.

      Rage Against the Machine – Calm Like a Bomb: This bombastic rock anthem is also a good fit for enjoying when under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms.

      Tyler the Creator – Cherry Bomb: For fans of this strain who prefer hip hop, Tyler the Creator has a song just for you.

      Pairs With Food
      Roasted cherries and venison
      Roasted cherries and venison 85%
      Lime and cilantro rice
      Lime and cilantro rice 88%
      Brie and bacon
      Brie and bacon 84%

      Roasted cherries and venison: Wild game and tart cherries make a natural pairing.

      Lime and cilantro rice: Bring out the sour and earthy side of the strain.

      Brie and bacon: Creamy brie and salty bacon satisfy your Cherry Bomb munchies.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Cherry Vodka Sour
      Cherry Vodka Sour 84%
      Mild Tequila
      Mild Tequila 90%
      Golden Wheat Beer
      Golden Wheat Beer 85%

      Cherry Vodka Sour: One of the best cocktails to cut through the sweetness of this strain.

      Mild Tequila: Try straight shots of this alcohol to complement your Cherry Bomb session.

      Golden Wheat Beer: Go with a wheat beer for a mild and sweet flavor, similar to what this strain offers.

      Where The Cherry Bomb Strain Is Grown

      Thanks to extensive cannabis marketing, there are multiple strains known as Cherry Bomb. The most documented strain is a cross of Zkittlez and Cherry Pie, but older varieties may have a different background entirely.

      Cherry Bomb Strain Summary

      For fruit lovers who find strains like Black Cherry Soda just a bit too sweet, Cherry Bomb is a mild-mannered option with something for everyone.

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      1. I think it pairs best with Steve Vai; a T-bone w/loaded baked potato & relaxing in the hot tub.

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