Citral Glue Strain — Get Mentally Stimulated and Stress-Free

If you need an afternoon or early evening smoke that’ll lift you up and help you happily tackle whatever comes your way, the Citral Glue strain might become a mainstay in your rotation. This sativa-dominant cross of the Citral Skunk and GG4 (aka Original Glue) strains won’t necessarily make you feel caffeinated, but it’ll definitely get your mind moving. Whether you’re looking to burn through your to-do list, power through a workout, or enjoy a lively evening get-together with friends, Citral Glue is for you.

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Citral Glue Strain
9.5Expert Score
Citral Glue Strain Flavor Scale

The Citral Glue strain tastes a bit like Gorilla Glue but has distinct notes of:

Peppery herbs
Skunky diesel fuel
Sour citrus fruits and grapes

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      Citral Glue Strain Information

      Citral Glue is a 60/40 sativa-indica hybrid with an average THC content of about 23% and CBG content of roughly 1%. Just a few tokes of this energizing, bliss-inducing strain will get your mind moving and your focus locked down. As your mood ascends into the clouds, you might get the giggles, and as your high builds, you’ll feel a mellow, pain-relieving buzz wash over your physical form.

      Citral Glue Strain Effects

      Energized 83%
      Happy 84%
      Relaxed 88%
      Focused 76%
      Helps With
      Anxiety 81%
      Stress 83%
      Depression 88%
      Pain 76%
      Headache 43%
      Dizziness 43%
      Paranoia 42%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 44%

      Citral Glue Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Dubdogz, Cat Dealers — “Good Good”
      Dubdogz, Cat Dealers — “Good Good” 88%
      Still Woozy — “Get By”
      Still Woozy — “Get By” 79%
      Maroon 5, Stevie Nicks — “Remedy”
      Maroon 5, Stevie Nicks — “Remedy” 83%

      Dubdogz, Cat Dealers — “Good Good”: A few tokes of that good good might make you feel inclined to bust a move, and this jam is perfect for getting your dance on.

      Still Woozy — “Get By”: This lively track paired with a few tokes of Citral Glue will definitely help you get by, no matter what it is you’re doing.

      Maroon 5, Stevie Nicks — “Remedy”: This lively tune might make you wanna dance, or it could make you wanna focus on the lyrics. Either way, it’s a great pairing for a few hits of the enlivening, focus-inducing Citral Glue strain.

      Pairs With Food
      Poke bowl
      Poke bowl 81%
      Pasta al limone
      Pasta al limone 77%
      Duck a l’orange
      Duck a l’orange 85%

      Poke bowl: Its delectable blend of flavors pairs beautifully with Citral Glue, and it just so happens to make an excellent lunch or light dinner.

      Pasta al limone: It’s citrusy and satisfying and perfect for lunch or a light dinner, especially alongside a bowl of citrusy Citral Glue.

      Duck a l’orange: It’s a classic for a reason and pairs wonderfully with Citral Glue’s citrusy, peppery notes.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Mimosa 81%
      Paloma 79%
      Lavender and black pepper cocktail
      Lavender and black pepper cocktail 83%

      Mimosa: It’s citrusy and uplifting, quite like the Citral Glue strain.

      Paloma: This super-refreshing cocktail blends sweet, sour, and salty and pairs beautifully with Citral Glue’s citrusy notes and lively vibe.

      Lavender and black pepper cocktail: Add a little kick to your Citral Glue experience with this herbaceous, piquant libation. You may want to add a bit of fresh-squeezed lemon to really round out its flavor.

      Where The Citral Glue Strain Is Grown

      Colorado-based Ethos Genetics brought the Citral Glue strain to life.

      Citral Glue Strain Summary

      If you’ve been hunting for some bud that’ll awaken your senses without putting you down or getting you too racy, Citral Glue is for you. If this strain floats your boat, you’ll probably have a good time with similar strains, like Wedding Crasher, Zookies, and Citral Flo.

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