Kiwiskunk Strain — Straight Out of New Zealand

New Zealand is home to unique marijuana genetics of its own, and Kiwiskunk represents some of the best. Much like Kaya Jamaica Skunk, this variety has a clear and distinct musky odor that belies its high THC content.

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Kiwishunk Strain
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As the name suggests, Kiwiskunk is rich in flavors like:

Spicy skunk-like musk
Classic rich pine
Sour citrus

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      Kiwiskunk Strain Information

      This strain is great for relaxing and improving your mood, specifically with regard to arousal. It’s a wonderful choice for sharing with someone special, along with similar strains like Pineapple Express.

      Kiwiskunk Strain Effects

      Mood uplifting
      Mood uplifting 70%
      Arousal 72%
      Relaxation and happiness
      Relaxation and happiness 79%
      Helps With
      Depression 60%
      Low libido
      Low libido 67%
      Anxiety 50%


      Kiwiskunk Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Princess Chelsea — When the World Turns Grey
      Princess Chelsea — When the World Turns Grey 59%
      Volando — Remix - Mora, Bad Bunny
      Volando — Remix - Mora, Bad Bunny 67%
      Jam On It — Newcleus
      Jam On It — Newcleus 64%

      Princess Chelsea — When the World Turns Grey: New Zealand musician Princess Chelsea has the perfect vibe for the happy, relaxing effects of Kiwiskunk.

      Volando — Remix – Mora, Bad Bunny: A dance-worthy R&B hit is the perfect pairing for enjoying with this strain.

      Jam On It — Newcleus: Sometimes only a funky disco hit from the 1980s will do.

      Pairs With Food
      Carnival Funnel Cakes
      Carnival Funnel Cakes 56%
      Fresh Kiwis
      Fresh Kiwis 77%
      Elotes 68%

      Carnival Funnel Cakes: While it may take some planning to indulge in Kiwiskunk and funnel cakes at the same time, the effect is worth the wait.

      Fresh Kiwis: Of course, you can’t try Kiwiskunk without a few kiwis on hand to enjoy. Try the hairless kind to eat them whole without peeling.

      Elotes: The spicy, creamy flavors of Mexican street corn are the perfect indulgence after sampling this strain.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Black Russian
      Black Russian 61%
      Rum Runner
      Rum Runner 58%
      New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
      New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc 50%

      Black Russian: Dark and strong, this coffee-based cocktail is absent the cream or milk that might distract from the more powerful flavors of this strain.

      Rum Runner: Sweet and fruity flavors are perfect for recalling the beautiful forests and beaches of New Zealand.

      New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc: With numerous wine-growing regions, New Zealand is known for tart and crisp white wines that are a great fit for Kiwiskunk.

      Where The Kiwishunk Strain Is Grown

      The product of the hard work of New Zealand breeders Kiwiseeds, Kiwiskunk was a combination of a classic Skunk strain with NYC Diesel. The resulting finished product is a calming and uplifting mostly indica strain with a cute-sounding name.

      Kiwiskuk Strain Summary

      If you don’t mind a little couch-lock, give Kiwiskunk a try to put you in a good mood for practically anything. It’s a great strain to mix with Sour Diesel to contrast the different flavors while getting similar effects from both varieties.

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