Blackberry Haze Strain — A Berry Sweet Haze

Power through a blackberry-flavored haze with a powerful, high-THC strain heavy in sativa effects to boost your productivity and focus. It’s sweetly flavored, but it’s the uplifting effects that will have you returning to it again and again. Blackberry Haze is similar to Berry Pie but slightly less sweet and spicier.

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Blackberry Haze Strain
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Blackberry Haze Flavor Scale

As a haze-type strain, Blackberry Haze offers a rich bouquet of notes like:

Sweet berries and other fruits
Floral and spice notes

      AVO Ratings



      13% - 16%




      Blackberry Haze Strain Information

      Some strains are perfect for sparking creativity or getting work done while still relieving anxiety. This is definitely true for Blackberry Haze, much like with Kaya Flo.

      Blackberry Haze Strain Effects

      Mood lifting
      Mood lifting 50%
      Calming and relaxing
      Calming and relaxing 70%
      Motivation and energy
      Motivation and energy 76%
      Helps With
      Depression 62%
      Stress 68%
      Low mood
      Low mood 57%
      Paranoia 45%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 49%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 48%

      Blackberry Haze Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Adana Twins — Clocks
      Adana Twins — Clocks 60%
      Lila Iké — Where I’m Coming From
      Lila Iké — Where I’m Coming From 65%
      Mighty Oaks — Forget Tomorrow
      Mighty Oaks — Forget Tomorrow 56%
      • Adana Twins — Clocks: Get focused and get going by combining this driving techno song and Blackberry Haze.
      • Lila Iké — Where I’m Coming From: Let smooth reggae beats carry you to the pinnacle of this strain’s energetic effects.
      • Mighty Oaks — Forget Tomorrow: Upbeat pop is the perfect soundtrack for this Sativa strain.
      Pairs With Food
      Blackberry Cobbler
      Blackberry Cobbler 54%
      Chicken and spinach phyllo pie
      Chicken and spinach phyllo pie 66%
      Seven-layer dip
      Seven-layer dip 49%
      • Blackberry Cobbler: It’s an obvious pairing between this strain’s rich and spicy berry flavors and this popular dessert.
      • Chicken and spinach phyllo pie: Similar to spanokopita, a basic phyllo pie is easy to put together and has all the flavors to complement Blackberry Haze as the main course.
      • Seven-layer dip: Whether you prefer a taco, classic, or Mediterranean variety, a layered dip is a filling snack to enjoy along with this strain.
      Pairs With Spirits
      Chambord Kir Royale
      Chambord Kir Royale 57%
      El Vocho
      El Vocho 51%
      Blackberry wine
      Blackberry wine 64%
      • Chambord Kir Royale: Chambord may be raspberry rather than blackberry, but it’s a close enough match for this strain when combined with champagne.
      • El Vocho: A two-part shot set, the smooth tequila and blended spicy chaser is an experience worth trying after sampling Blackberry Haze.
      • Blackberry wine: Whether you try a flavored red wine or 100% fermented blackberry juice, it’s a natural strain pairing

      Where The Blackberry Haze Strain Is Grown

      Blackberry Haze is a hybrid of both indica and sativa strains. It’s a combination of Lime Haze and Blackberry, two popular fruit-flavored strains, created by breeder Nebu Hybridz based out of Portland, Oregon.

      Blackberry Haze Strain Summary

      You won’t feel too hazy after trying Blackberry Haze. Despite the name, this fruit-flavored dream is invigorating and focus-boosting rather than distracting. Try following it with the Yummy strain for balanced relaxation.

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