Double Mint Strain — Double the Fun

The original Double Mint flavor came from combining two types of peppermint extract, but the powerfully refreshing flavor of this strain comes directly from nature. It’s also full of sweet cookie flavors due to the combination of its hybrid genetics.

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Double Mint Strain
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Double Mint Strain Flavor Scale

As the name suggests, the flavors of the Double Mint strain are primarily.

Sweet mint
Refreshing lemon citrus
Pungent skunk-like notes

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      15% - 20%




      Double Mint Strain Information

      Double Mint is great for lifting your mood and setting the scene for a party or gathering with friends. However, it’s primarily recommended for stress relief due to the combination of both calming and energy-lifting effects, much like similar hybrids like White Rhino.

      Double Mint Strain Effects

      Energizing 66%
      Stress relief
      Stress relief 76%
      Mood lifting
      Mood lifting 69%
      Helps With
      Stress 64%
      Depression 52%
      Appetite improvement/Munchies
      Appetite improvement/Munchies 70%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 44%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 48%

      Double Mint Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Childish Gambino — 3005
      Childish Gambino — 3005 55%
      French Montana, Swae Lee — Unforgettable
      French Montana, Swae Lee — Unforgettable 60%
      The Chainsmokers, Daya — Don’t Let Me Down
      The Chainsmokers, Daya — Don’t Let Me Down 64%
      • Childish Gambino — 3005: Nothing brings out the lighter effects of this strain like this Childish Gambino classic.
      • French Montana, Swae Lee — Unforgettable: Bring out your urges to get up and dance by putting on this smooth groove during your next Double Mint session.
      • The Chainsmokers, Daya — Don’t Let Me Down: You’ll feel higher than ever when combining this strain with this crossover hit.
      Pairs With Food
      Strawberry-Topped Cheesecake
      Strawberry-Topped Cheesecake 51%
      Pomegranate and Grilled Chicken Salad
      Pomegranate and Grilled Chicken Salad 56%
      All Cheese Crisps
      All Cheese Crisps 64%
      • Strawberry-Topped Cheesecake: The hints of mint and lemon from this strain will go great with the smooth sweetness of an iconic cheesecake.
      • Pomegranate and Grilled Chicken Salad: For a smoky and tart powerhouse of nutrients, pair a filling salad with Double Mint.
      • All Cheese Crisps: Cooking your favorite cheeses in a hot oven creates single-ingredient snacks that are perfect for pairing with this strain.
      Pairs With Spirits
      Creme de Menthe
      Creme de Menthe 50%
      Lemon Cream Liqueur
      Lemon Cream Liqueur 47%
      Gin and Ginger Ale
      Gin and Ginger Ale 55%
      • Creme de Menthe: Highlight the mint notes that give this strain its name with the traditional mint liqueur.
      • Lemon Cream Liqueur: Smooth and creamy lemon cream liqueur is built for sipping or for shots, preferably with Double Mint on the side.
      • Gin and Ginger Ale: A sparkling and sharp combination that really brings out the best notes of this strain.

      Where The Double Mint Strain Is Grown

      Natural Genetics, a European seed breeder, created this strain from a combination of SinMint Cookies and Mint Chocolate Chip. It’s similar in many ways to the popular Thin Mint strain.

      Double Mint Strain Summary

      Give this strain a try the next time you need some stress relief or appetite stimulation. Maybe you’ll just enjoy the flavor profile and its unique sweet citrus mint. It’s a great combination with Sugar Pine for increased pain relief.

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