Agent Orange Strain — A Sneaky Mood Lifter

Coming on gently and giving you a boost you’ll love, Agent Orange is an excellent choice for daytime use. It can help give you motivation and energy rather than causing you to sink into the couch with the snacks. If you’re looking for a party booster, give this strain or Gorilla Cookies a try.

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Agent Orange Strain
9.5Expert Score
Agent Orange Strain Flavor Scale

Prized for its medium THC levels and creeping effects, Agent Orange also offers a pleasant flavor profile of:

Sour citrus notes
Sweet and juicy oranges
Sugary and creamy flavors

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      Agent Orange Strain Information

      Not unlike Pineapple Express, this strain is known for stimulating socialization. It can make you feel less shy in social settings or keep you motivated during a challenging day. Medical marijuana users with chronic pain also recommend Agent Orange to resolve cramps and migraines without falling asleep during the day.

      Agent Orange Strain Effects

      Encourages talkativeness
      Encourages talkativeness 82%
      Uplifts mood
      Uplifts mood 80%
      Energy-boosting 84%
      Helps With
      Depression 83%
      Stress 80%
      Fatigue 85%
      Lack of focus
      Lack of focus 78%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 76%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 42%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 47%
      Mild paranoia at high doses
      Mild paranoia at high doses 34%

      Agent Orange Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      H.E.R. — “Slide”
      H.E.R. — “Slide” 81%
      Beyoncé — “Break my Soul”
      Beyoncé — “Break my Soul” 79%
      Baby Keem — “Orange Soda”
      Baby Keem — “Orange Soda” 77%

      H.E.R. — “Slide”: Smooth everything over with this sinuous beat and a few puffs of Agent Orange.

      Beyoncé — “Break my Soul”: Let the dance beat drive on your creative inspiration after indulging in this strain.

      Baby Keem — “Orange Soda”: Hype yourself for a citrus-themed session.

      Pairs With Food
      Orange chicken wraps
      Orange chicken wraps 73%
      Creamsicles 78%
      Spicy potato nuggets
      Spicy potato nuggets 84%

      Orange chicken wraps: Put a twist on your favorite takeout by stuffing it inside a wrap and adding some crisp greens.

      Creamsicles: The sweet and creamy taste of a classic dessert is a must-have when enjoying Agent Orange.

      Spicy potato nuggets: Creamy mashed potatoes spiced up and deep-fried will cure the munchies brought on by this strain.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Cointreau 79%
      Crop-top cocktail
      Crop-top cocktail 81%
      Blood orange jello shots
      Blood orange jello shots 88%

      Cointreau: One of the finest orange liqueurs, it’s a perfect fit for this citrus strain.

      Crop-top cocktail: This easy cocktail that mixes the sourness of grapefruit and lemon juice will pair wonderfully with Agent Orange.

      Blood orange jello shots: Try an exotic citrus twist on your favorite Jello shooters.

      Where The Agent Orange Strain Is Grown

      This strain combines the genetics of Jack the Ripper and the Orange Velvet strain. It is the creation of MzJill Genetics, based out of California.

      Agent Orange Strain Summary

      As a tasty strain with a portfolio of positive effects, Agent Orange deserves a place in the collection of anyone who enjoys daytime sessions.

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