Sour OG Strain — An Oh-so-Sweet Escape

Although its name might sound a little less than enticing, the Sour OG strain will leave you feeling stupendously swell. This evenly balanced hybrid is the lovechild of two mega-famous strains, OG Kush and Sour Diesel, so it should come as no surprise that, like its parents, Sour OG is quite the stunner. If you’re into strains that can quickly elevate energy, subdue stress, and get you blissfully baked, you may very well become a Sour OG devotee.

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Sour OG Strain
9.5Expert Score
Sour OG Strain Flavor Scale

Sour OG brings together its parent strains’ kushy, pungent, earthy flavors and will tickle your tastebuds with notes of:

Pungent diesel fuel
Sour lemon

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      Sour OG Strain Information

      Also known as Sour OG Kush or 818 Headband, Sour OG is a 50/50 sativa-indica hybrid with an average THC concentration of 21%–27% and virtually no CBD. After a few tokes, you’ll quickly feel mentally lifted, blissful, energized, creative, and talkative, but those effects will gradually give way to soothing (but not sedating) physical relaxation. Overall, Sour OG will leave you ready and raring to enjoy life, no matter what the universe might throw your way.

      Often called a “one-hit-quit” strain, Sour OG is particularly potent, so it’s best reserved for seasoned smokers with decent tolerance. If you need an herbal antidote for anxiety, stress, depression, chronic pain, low appetite, or nausea, this strain may be the perfect prescription.

      Sour OG Strain Effects

      Sociable 83%
      Happy 80%
      Energetic 83%
      Mentally relaxed
      Mentally relaxed 78%
      Helps With
      Anxiety 80%
      Stress 79%
      Depression 77%
      Pain 82%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 45%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 40%
      Mild dizziness
      Mild dizziness 38%

      Sour OG Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      90culture — “Sour OG”
      90culture — “Sour OG” 79%
      Mon Rovîa — “To Taste the Divine”
      Mon Rovîa — “To Taste the Divine” 85%
      Masego, Sheléa — “Bliss Abroad”
      Masego, Sheléa — “Bliss Abroad” 84%

      90culture — “Sour OG”: It just makes sense — if you like chill, instrumental jams, that is.

      Mon Rovîa — “To Taste the Divine”: After a few tokes of Sour OG, you might feel like you’ve tasted the divine. This chill, soothing R&B number will only elevate that vibe.

      Masego, Sheléa — “Bliss Abroad”: Searching for a few moments of bliss? You don’t need a vacation abroad to find it. Simply enjoy a few tokes of Sour OG while you chill to this super-soothing song.

      Pairs With Food
      Happy 50%
      Happy 50%
      Happy 50%

      Pizza: Sour OG will leave you totally blissed out, so if you wanna elevate that feeling, nosh on a couple of slices of triangle-shaped happiness in a box. Or make your own if you’re feeling ambitious (you might be after enjoying this strain).

      Pickles: Go for the non-pasteurized kind. Foods with probiotics can help elevate your mood, so why not enjoy some delicious savory-sour pickles alongside your sour, mood-boosting weed?

      Sour Patch Kids: If you get the urge to munch, grab a bag. These tantalizingly tart little nuggets of awesome will satisfy your sweet tooth and complement your sour smoke.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Happy 50%
      Happy 50%
      Happy 50%

      Sour beer: If you wanna enhance the pungent notes in your weed, a few sips of sour beer will get the job done. But if you’ve never tried it, beware: sour beer is definitely an acquired taste.

      Whiskey sour: This sweet-tart blend of whiskey, lemon, and simple (or maple) syrup is iconic, quite like Sour OG. The two are an excellent pair.

      Lemon drop: If you wanna balance out Sour OG’s pungent, tart flavor, this sweet, super-smooth cocktail should do the trick.

      Where The Sour OG Strain Is Grown

      The breeders at the award-winning Los Angeles-based Cali Connection came up with the Sour OG strain.

      Sour OG Strain Summary

      If you’re looking for some afternoon-appropriate bud that’ll bliss you out and help you enjoy even the most stressful day, Sour OG is worth a try. If this strain floats your boat, you may also want to try strains with similar effects like Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Gorilla Cookies.

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