What is Hotboxing With Weed?

Hotboxing in a car, your bedroom, or even a blanket fort is a rite of passage among newer stoners. Before you have to worry about a workplace drug test or how to roll a blunt perfectly, it’s all about getting together with your friends to blaze it on the down low.

Even though this is a practice for people hiding weed from their parents, many long-term smokers are still happy to hotbox a confined space.

But what is the purpose of hotboxing, and should you do it? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Hotboxing & What Does Hotboxing Mean?

With 18% of Americans estimated to use marijuana annually, there are plenty of ways people choose to use cannabis.

Most people will smoke a joint or a blunt and call it a night. Others will select their favorite edible recipes for a deeper high. Still, others love their tinctures and will opt for a dab pen. Either way, you can only hotbox when there’s smoke.

The point is to get even higher by filling a confined space with marijuana smoke. In other words, it’s a form of passive smoking.

It’s believed by many that this increased exposure will make you higher.

What Does Hotbox Mean in Slang?

The slang term comes from the illegal marijuana trade. Nobody is quite sure who came up with the name, but in some places, “box” is a slang term for a car, and smoking up in your car will raise the temperature.

It’s really that simple, and the practice has remained popular across the generations.

Why Do People Hotbox Weed?

People hotbox cannabis for the same reason they ask questions like, “What is an edible?” It’s all about transforming the experience to create something new.

There’s also the belief that hotboxing will get you higher due to all of the secondhand smoke. Even though it’s never going to be as strong as a direct hit of Green Goblin or Northern Lights, it’s possible to get high without ripping a bong or pulling on a joint.

Another reason why people hotbox cannabis is because it might be the only place they can smoke. Getting into your buddy’s car or smoking in a tent on a hiking trip may be your only location, especially if you’re at college or living with your parents.

Finally, remember, opting for a hotbox is just one of the many fun things to do while high.

Does Hotboxing Cannabis Get You Higher?

The hotbox has become an integral part of 420 culture. But is it simply a fond rite of passage, or does it actually get you higher?

According to a study by John Hopkins University, nonsmokers still managed to get high by sitting in an unventilated room with a selection of cannabis smokers.

Although we can’t say for sure that smoking cannabis in a confined space will get you higher, this research does show that a lack of ventilation can have an effect.

Should You Hotbox with Cannabis?

Unlike other potential weed games, deciding to hotbox your friend’s car isn’t going to put your life or long-term health at risk.

Here are some things to bear in mind:

·                Driving while high is ALWAYS illegal.

·                Some jurisdictions may see you arrested if you’re behind the wheel while smoking (even with the car turned off).

·                Hotbox for too long, and you may feel woozy or light-headed.

·                The smell can linger for a while.

In short, know the local laws so you don’t fall victim when lighting up your latest batch of Space Cookies in your car or bedroom.

Is Hotboxing Illegal?

It depends on the laws in your jurisdiction, which can vary based on where you are, even within your state.

So, what are the scenarios that could get you charged?

·                Drug Possession – The first potential charge is possession. If you don’t have the relevant MMJ card or are smoking in a state where recreational marijuana use is illegal, you could be charged with drug possession.

·                Drug Paraphernalia Possession – Some states may have bans on drug paraphernalia, such as pipes or bowls, whereas others may not. For example, Minnesota legalized all drug paraphernalia recently.

·                Driving Under the Influence – Never sit in the driver’s seat while smoking, as this could get you a DWI charge. This applies even if the car is switched off.

Of course, your chances of trouble with the law are much reduced if you limit your smoking activity to your own private property. Obviously, don’t hotbox anywhere near a school, hospital, or public building.

Best Smoking Accessories for Hotboxing Weed

What is the best way to hotbox?

The only rule is that your chosen weed strain, like Sour Diesel, is smoked in a way that produces large quantities of smoke. After all, the whole point is to thicken the air with your cannabis smoke.

Here are some essentials for making the most out of your smoke session:

·                Bong/Bubbler – A bong or bubbler is the perfect way to fill your space with smoke. For the best results, consider at least two bongs.

·                Joints/Blunts – Consider this the option of the traditionalists. Having multiple joints lit and being passed around is the number one way of enjoying your favorite flavor and an intense experience.

·                Vape – A hotboxing vape is harder to use because most rigs won’t produce vast amounts of smoke. Generally, this is the least recommended option.

Also, consider bringing an odor eliminator to the party. Anyone who knows what is cannabis knows how these smells can linger, and these will help prevent the stench from sticking around.


The cannabis hotbox is an easy way to elevate your experience and enjoy a mild high from your friends if you don’t want to smoke yourself. Unlike edibles like THC gummies, expect the effects to be instant.

As always, know your limits, and don’t be afraid to crack a window if the experience becomes too intense.

For more guides on making the most of your cannabis experience, browse the Flavor Fix hub today.

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