Experience the Bliss of Liquid THC

Liquid THC is the next hot trend in the world of cannabis. But understanding what THC in liquid form actually is is surprisingly not that straightforward.

Most people believe this is another term for products like the best THC drinks. Others think it’s just another edible. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Let’s cover everything you need to know about this cannabis product.

What is Liquid THC?

It’s no secret that cannabis use has increased. According to the Washington Post, medical cannabis use has quadrupled from 2016 to 2020. And high-potency THC products have become common in medical dispensaries, including tinctures.

Technically, THC in liquid form is nothing more than a tincture. The official definition of a tincture is any form of liquid extract made by combining it with alcohol to isolate its active ingredient. In this case, it would be THC.

What separates tinctures from other products, like THC gummies, is the potency. Depending on the liquid, seeing a product’s THC potency cross the 90% mark is not inconceivable.

Potent strains are the preferred way to make a tincture. For example, THC tinctures are often made using strains like Death Star or Bruce Banner. On the other hand, manufacturers tend to prefer strains like Sour Tsunami and Charlotte’s Web for CBD tinctures.

Note that although alcohol is the liquid of choice for tincture production, you can also use other substances, such as oils and vinegar.

What Does Liquid THC Look Like?

If you’ve got an organic liquid THC drink with minimal extra processing, the liquid should be a shade of green. Depending on what you’ve used, this can range from light to dark green, but it could even have a tinge of brown.

Take a whiff, and it should smell like the freshest herb. If it smells like grass, it’s likely a weak tincture due to problems with the decarboxylation process.

How is Liquid THC Made?

If you already know how to roll a blunt or that THC Bomb strain isn’t enough for you anymore, you’re probably considering upgrading to something stronger.

THC in liquid form will always knock your socks off, but why is it such a potent substance? What is the meaning of liquid THC? It all goes back to how it’s manufactured, which is the principle of extracting an individual compound and isolating it.

So, there are three ways to make the liquid you need for THC cartridges and other vape/dab-related products:

·                Room-Temperature Method – This traditional method boils down the method to brewing tea. Essentially, add your liquids to your solids and allow them to sit. The liquid will draw out the THC, but it does take up to 30 times longer than the following method.

·                The Cold Method – Chop and tear the cannabis plant and freeze the remains in alcohol, with periodic shaking. Just strain out the plant matter and discard everything but the tincture. This can take a mere 48 hours.

·                The Hot Method – Also known as the green dragon, this follows the above methods but uses heat to speed up the process, allowing you to make the final product in hours and get on with your weed games. Note that there is a high risk of accidentally setting the alcohol on fire.

All three methods of choice utilize the same production principles. You’re always using alcohol to draw out and isolate the THC.

What are the Benefits of Liquid THC?

If you already know what cannabis is, you may be wondering why these products are any better. After all, will liquid THC wax make your high any better?

Understand that while it’s not for everyone, grabbing your dab pen can unlock an entirely new experience.

Here are some of the reasons why people love these products alongside their cannabis strain of choice:

·                Enhance the effects of ordinary cannabis.

·                Get higher than ever.

·                Experience a new way to consume cannabis.

Truthfully, consuming these products will give you an effect similar to a high-potency weed strain. Some people may feel as affected as they would when taking psychedelic mushrooms.

The difference is that dabbing with these products will hit you faster and harder. And that’s why so many people love them. Think of an ordinary cannabis flavor but taken to the next level.

Liquid THC vs. Edibles

Technically, you can add your liquid THC to your usual edible dosage calculator because this can be a type of edible.

For example, many drinks have been infused with THC, which makes it both a tincture and an edible. This is where much of the confusion regarding what this product actually is arises.

Edibles are often weaker in potency than cannabis tinctures. Moreover, they often don’t come with the bells and whistles of edible recipes like weed brownies with frosting.

Remember, not all edibles contain liquid THC, but some cross-overs exist.

How to Use Liquid THC

One of the fun things to do while high is to change how you consume cannabis. Typically, this is consumed orally, but you can pack it into your pen and vape it like other eLiquids.

Even though oral consumption is preferred, you can consume it sublingually. Two to three drops administered in the lingual frenum area (under the tongue) will accelerate the effects because of the concentration of blood vessels beneath your tongue.

Alternatively, spray it onto your favorite meal for a cannabis-infused twist on some delicious tastes. If you choose this option, the effects resemble traditional edibles, so don’t expect anything for an hour or two.

Finally, you can take a sticky, gooey version of liquid THC, like wax or shatter, and smoke it with your dab rig.


However you choose to consume cannabis, anything resembling a tincture will make you higher than you’ve ever been. This is why we don’t recommend these extremely high-potency THC products for beginners.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who loves to experiment, you’re in the right place. At Flavor Fix, we have guides on the latest strains, new flavors, and different ways to consume those precious cannabinoids.

Take a look at Flavor Fix to transform how you enjoy your leisure time today.

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