Mastering The French Inhale For Beginners

Smoke tricks demonstrate a level of sophistication and control that’s sure to make you the hit of the party, and the French inhale is one such thing to do while high. So, you want to be the showstopper at your next smoke session, but how do you do a French inhale?

If you know how to roll a blunt, you’re ready to start entertaining your friends. This guide will show you how to do the best French inhale and introduce you to the nuts and bolts of this cannabis-powered stunt.

What is a French Inhale?

No, kids, French inhaling has no relation to the Wiz Khalifa song or Snoop Dogg (even though we’re sure he’s an expert). This is one of the oldest smoke tricks in the book and has been perfected by countless of the 48.2 million American cannabis smokers.

The concept of French inhaling is to hit your joint and circle the smoke from your mouth and up through your nose. Instead of blowing the smoke directly out of your mouth, you’re breathing it into your nose and releasing it from there. It sounds weird, but it creates an incredible effect.

But what is considered a French inhale compared to other smoke tricks? Firstly, this is not a ghost inhale. While similar, a ghost inhale involves blowing the smoke out and back through your mouth.

On the other hand, you may have heard of the Irish waterfall. This is precisely the same trick, so depending on where you’re from, you may hear people refer to it under this name. Like various names for weed, smoke tricks also have several synonyms.

The History of French Inhaling

Before you grab your Citrus Sap or Critical Kush to try this out for yourself, where does French inhaling originate?

Basically, nobody is quite sure. However, while it has been performed at smoke trick contests dating as recently as 2012, it likely predates cannabis culture.

For example, even though Wiz and Snoop popularized the term when they dropped their track of the same name, we can see it even further back. In the classic 1978 movie hit Grease, Olivia Newton-John attempts to learn how to perform the same trick.

In other words, it’s been around far longer than mainstream cannabis culture, which is why if you’re skilled enough, you don’t even need a quarter of weed and can instead use tobacco.

On a side note, some say the term “Irish waterfall” was derived from the idea of the English believing themselves superior to the Irish, which is why this trick looks like an upside-down waterfall.

But regardless of its origins, it’s just one of the many weed games you can play with your friends.

Does French Inhaling Make You Higher?

One common misconception is that because the smoke goes up your nose, it must make you higher. But Irish waterfall smoke has zero impact on how high you get. THC is still entering your bloodstream at the same rate and density.

Some say that the increased likelihood of making you cough will get you higher, but even this is a concept the scientific community isn’t sure about. Even though 18-24% of regular weed smokers develop a chronic cough over time, there’s still little association with it helping you to get higher.

Instead, many claim other factors are likely to contribute to you getting higher, including:

·                The Placebo Effect taking hold.

·                Personal THC tolerance levels.

·                The size of the hit.

·                The potency of the weed.

Is French Inhaling Bad for You?

Yes, but it’s no worse for you than smoking. According to the American Lung Association, smoke is harmful to you, whether from tobacco, marijuana, or burning wood. The reality is that smoke releases toxins our bodies weren’t designed for.

Either way, if you’re worried about the effects of French inhaling with your Blueberry Pie or Chiesel weed, the fact is that it’s no more dangerous for you than smoking just about anything.

How to Do a French Inhale

So, you know how many ounces in a pound of weed, you’ve got your favorite strain, and you’re ready to go.

Learning how to do a French inhale can take some time, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll remember it for life.

Step One – Take a Large Puff of Smoke

The first step after taking weed measurements and lighting up your latest Sherblato delivery is to take an enormous hit of your joint.

Hold the smoke inside your mouth and ensure that it remains trapped.

Step Two – Open Wide

At this stage, you’d typically inhale your favorite marijuana strain and hold it before blowing out. But you’re doing a French inhale, so you’ll slowly open your mouth while keeping your tongue at the back of your mouth.

Step Three – Launch Your Smoke

With the smoke slowly leaving your lips, it’s time to launch it upwards. Guide the smoke into your nose by pouting with your bottom lip. Keep your jaw stuck forward until you feel like you have an underbite.

Just imagine that time you tried to convince your parents to get you a puppy when you were eight. At this point, your tongue shouldn’t have moved.

Step Four – Clear Your Mouth With Your Tongue

Remove the remaining smoke from your mouth using your tongue to push the smoke out. You shouldn’t be blowing or even exhaling because this will force the smoke to dissipate.

Your tongue is the only way to remove the smoke without destroying the smoke density.

Step Five – Breathe Again

If done correctly, the smoke should be drifting from your mouth slowly. Now you must simultaneously inhale through your nose to create the waterfall and drag the smoke into your nose.

Don’t inhale too quickly, or you won’t get the reverse waterfall effect. This is where most people have the most trouble.

Step Six – One Final Inhale

Inhale the smoke through your nose to finish the trick. If there’s too much smoke in your mouth, exhale it. If you got the reverse waterfall effect, you’ve completed the trick, so don’t sweat it.


Any cannabis tourism trip will show you there are countless tricks around the world to make your smoke session a showstopper. At Flavor Fix, we’re dedicated to helping you discover your best flavor.

To learn more about smoke tricks, mind-blowing marijuana strains, and even cocktail pairings, browse Flavor Fix now.

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