5 Thanksgiving Weed Strains

Mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and a big bird are all staples of the traditional American holiday, but Thanksgiving weed strains are also making an appearance. Although we can’t say if the pilgrims loved getting baked with their favorite flavor, modern America has changed with marijuana legalization.

In 2020, the cannabis industry recorded record-high sales over the holiday, and that trend has remained in the intervening years. So, if you’re searching for a palate cleanser or a smokable dessert, here are our top Thanksgiving weed strains.

Top Thanksgiving Weed Strains 2023 to Indulge With Family and Friends

If the idea of getting loaded with cannabis gives you the same feeling as bringing psychedelic mushrooms to the feasting table, it shouldn’t.

More and more Americans are making cannabis a regular part of the holiday, with one survey reporting that 70% of Americans plan to infuse some of the green stuff into their celebrations.

With that in mind, here are five strains to try.

1. Church OG

Thanksgiving is full of flavor and a hefty sampling of veggies, so why not try Church OG?

Church OG is famous for its dark green leaves and goes down well with any veggie side dish. As an Indica marijuana strain with a strong head high, sink into the earthy flavors that complement any hors d’oeuvres perfectly.

This strain, developed from OG Kush and God’s Gift, tastes like pine nuts, making it the ideal partner for cabbage, sweet potato mash, and green beans. Despite being an Indica, stoners report it providing an uplifting effect, so it’s bound to generate some holiday cheer with family and friends alike.

2. Hawaiian Butterscotch

Sometimes, the holidays are about sampling something unique. Hawaiian Butterscotch fits the bill with its heavy tropical, mint, and citrus notes. Whether paired with savory dishes or toked on with a sweet cocktail, the herbal, citrus flavors will surely start a party in your mouth.

With a creative sense of euphoria, Hawaiian Butterscotch will generate deep conversations at the dinner table. It goes particularly well with the robust flavors of brined turkey.

OG Kush also defines its heritage, but the lineage of this marijuana strain is largely shrouded in history.

3. Tangie

Reuniting with loved ones from all four corners of the nation is a must-have for any Thanksgiving feast, but sticking it out for a whole day is easier said than done. So, having a reliable Sativa strain at your table makes sense to keep the good times rolling.

Smoking up some Tangie will bring warmth and happiness to any gathering to banish the fall blues. Citrusy and skunky, this strain is guaranteed to get you high without locking you on the couch.

Tangie has long been a staple of the Amsterdam cannabis scene. Created by crossing California Orange with Skunk-1, it’s steadily gaining a following across North America. If you already vibe well with strains like Tangie Ghost or Maui Wowie, this is one of the top Thanksgiving weed strains for you.

This Thanksgiving strain also goes well with edible recipes if you like baking some brownies for dessert to round off a wonderful evening.

4. Panama Red

Sometimes, the connoisseur knows that it’s time to turn away from new techniques for how to roll a blunt and return to the old ways. The same goes for cannabis strains, and there’s no bigger superstar than Panama Red.

Regarding Thanksgiving weed strains, this is the weed your grandpa smoked. After it came to prominence in the 1960s through a cross of Panama and Colombian, it swept the globe for its creativity-inducing effects.

Panama Red will keep you clear-headed while cooking and ensure you can keep talking for hours, even after the desserts have been rolled out. If you’re a fan of the classics like Northern Lights, Panama Red has aged like a fine wine, so check it out.

5. GG4

GG4 goes by many names, including Gorilla Glue and Original Glue. It’s a potent strain that most veteran cannabis smokers have enjoyed at some point.

As a hybrid, GG4 was developed from Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dubb, and Chem’s Sister to create an Indica-leaning hybrid. Expect to experience heavy euphoria and relaxation while smoking this potent strain.

Newcomers to GG4 will soon discover that its name derives from the fact that it’ll glue you to the couch when you light up the earthy and sour fragrances inherited from its trio of parent strains.

Due to the intense relaxation, it’s best to reserve GG4 for the living room at the end of the evening.

Top Cannabis and Food Pairing Tips for Thanksgiving 2023

Cannabis consumption is on the rise, and so is cannabis spending. Whether you call it Danksgiving or Green Wednesday, the result is the same. But deciding which Thanksgiving weed strains work with your family’s unique table isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

Rather than opting for the trial-and-error process, remember the three key Thanksgiving tenants of combining weed with Thanksgiving: balance, context, and taste.


Think about the balance between the dish’s richness and the strain’s potency. A good pairing is designed to match the fundamental characteristics of the dish.

For example, an energizing Sativa is the best option for a light dish. Likewise, if you’re going heavy on the carbs this year, a powerful Indica will give you great results.


Consider the intent of the ideal. An early Thanksgiving brunch with friends has different goals than the main event at 7 p.m.

For example, if you’re having a quiet Thanksgiving at home, it’s a great idea to select an Indica like Granddaddy Purple. But if you’re making a few more stops throughout the day, strong Sativas like Green Crack make more sense.


Finally, there is the taste, which is heavily influenced by a strain’s terpene profile. Your flavors should compliment the dish without overpowering the flavor.

If you’ve got a milder taste, a potent cannabis strain will completely obliterate the flavor, and vice-versa. Unfortunately, this is where you need to do some educated guesswork.


Thanksgiving weed strains can bring a new twist to the traditional holiday. Instead of taking away the classic feel of Thanksgiving, the right cannabis strain can enhance it.

At Flavor Fix, we specialize in providing high-quality recommendations for epic flavors that’ll make your day. Browse our latest guides as you prepare for Thanksgiving 2023.

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