How to Take CBD – Learn the Best Method of Usage

Want to learn How to Take CBD? What’s the best way to take CBD? Is there a best way for everyone? In short, no. There’s the best way for you to take CBD, and there’s everyone else. Because CBD is so popular now, you’ve got many options for consuming it.

Unlike its psychedelic brother, THC, CBD doesn’t get you high. If it’s the high you’re looking for, try a product with THC instead.

Our Flavor Fix CBD experts will help you figure out the best way for you to take CBD.

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Many Best Ways to Take CBD

The following methods of using CBD vary in how you ingest the cannabinoid and how it travels throughout your body. The variety of intake options allows users to optimize their CBD experience.

If several of these options sound right to you, combine different ways to adjust how long the effects last and how quickly they kick in.

Oral Ingestion

When you take CBD orally, it travels through your digestive tract and liver before entering the bloodstream.

Oral CBD options are:

  • Soft gels
  • Edibles
  • Tinctures

Oral CBD ingestion takes a little longer before you feel the effects — up to two hours. (It travels a long way throughout your body.) However, the effects of oral CBD last longer than other methods, so it’s a good compromise.

CBD Soft Gel Capsules

Soft gels look just like other medicinal capsules, except they’re filled with CBD oil. The capsules are one of the most efficient ways to take CBD at home and on the go. They’re tasteless, odorless, and hassle-free to integrate into an existing supplement routine.


CBD edibles are edibles that have CBD oil baked into them. These often include gummy bears, cookies, and brownies.

Taking your CBD orally is a discreet way to get relief. Likewise, you can add CBD oil to foods and drinks to mask the taste. Even more exciting and savory options are available — from jellybeans to CBD-infused desserts.


Tinctures are droppers full of CBD oil you can put under your tongue. Oral forms of CBD oil are useful when your dose is important. Tinctures, for example, can be reduced to individual drops of oil.

Sublingual administration (putting CBD oil under your tongue) provides a fast and effective dose of cannabidiol. CBD molecules immediately diffuse into your capillaries, bloodstream, and cells through the thin tissue under your tongue.

Since sublingual administration bypasses the digestive system, it doesn’t take long to feel the effects. But the effect doesn’t last as long as with CBD edibles or soft gels.

Most CBD oil combos combine sublingual and oral intake, as you first hold the oil under your tongue and then swallow the rest, combining the benefits of both methods.

CBD cream

Using CBD Topically

You rub topical CBD onto and into your skin. The gels, lotions, or creams contain CBD oil and other ingredients.

Topical CBD might be the best way to take CBD if you want to relieve muscle and joint pain. Simply rubbing the lotion on the affected area can help with inflammation and pain.

Topical CBD options are:

  • Medicinal lotions
  • Beauty creams

Topical CBD doesn’t enter your bloodstream but interacts with receptors in your skin to keep your largest organ balanced, healthy, and supple.

Medicinal CBD Creams

Topical formulations contain various other compounds that help maintain skin health and keep visible aging at bay. CBD is suspended in liposomes to penetrate deep into the skin, while other ingredients nourish and rejuvenate the skin to combat redness and dryness.

CBD Beauty Creams

CBD beauty creams target a specific area — mainly the face and body parts like the hands or feet. This is the best way to take CBD if you want to have smooth, soft, and healthy skin. CBD topical products also include CBD lip balm or CBD eye gel.

Topical CBD penetrates the epidermis of the skin and produces deeply nourishing effects.

Inhaling CBD

Inhaled CBD travels to the lungs and diffuses through tiny air sacs into your bloodstream, producing near-instant effects. While not always the healthiest way to consume CBD, many users prefer the relaxing effects of smoking and vaping.

Smoking CBD options are:

  • CBD Flower
  • E-liquids and extracts

Inhaling CBD mainly involves smoking or vaping.

Smoking CBD Flower

CBD growers have developed cannabis strains with high levels of CBD and low levels of THC to achieve a robust effect without the accompanying high. You can smoke or vape flowers, just like you smoke THC strains of bud.

E-Liquids and Extracts

These products are highly refined and contain high concentrations of CBD in every puff.


Is There a Best Way to Use CBD?

It depends on your personal preferences. While some people enjoy vaping, others prefer to consume CBD discreetly. You can find the best way to take CBD by experimenting.

To find the best way to take CBD oil, identify the problem you want to solve or treat.

Edibles are the best way to take CBD if you want to experiment with different flavors and recipes. You can bake CBD oil into your DIY creations. For others, tinctures are best because you can add them to smoothies and other foods. And they work faster than other options.

If you have arthritis pain in your hands, a topical CBD cream could help. If you have anxiety and insomnia, an oral option might be better.

Ultimately, the best way to take CBD is the one that works for your condition and is the easiest for you to consume.

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