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Cann is one of the best THC & CBD infused drinks on the market. Founded in 2018 and rapidly expanding, Cann is a unique cannabis-infused drink brand. They provide sparkling water and tonic products that contain both THC and CBD as an alternative to alcohol-based cocktails.

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About Cann Seltzer

Despite being a relatively new product, it’s one of the top-selling cannabis-infused alcohol-free drinks in the country. Unlike many other cannabis drinks, Cann’s products are designed to offer a low dose per serving. This more closely mimics the build-up of alcohol as multiple drinks are consumed, providing a more social and extended drinking experience with the familiar buzz of THC. It has attracted a lot of celebrity attention and endorsement, including having actress Rosario Dawson on the board of directors.

The company was founded by Jake Bullock and Luke Anderson, who met while they worked at the same consulting firm. They came together to start Cann to add an edible product to the market with a similar dosing scheme to beer or wine. With a small dose in each can, it’s easier to build up to a certain level of consumption, much like one might at the bar. This makes Cann drinks a closer replacement for alcohol than many other cannabis-infused drinks, which may account for its popularity. The drink’s creator took inspiration from coffee and tea as well, which provide a relatively small dose of caffeine at once.

Cann Products

Cann specifically sells a range of seltzers or tonics that are infused with both natural flavors and low doses of THC and CBD. Most of their drinks contain only 2 mg of THC per can and 4 mg of CBD. That’s 12 mg of THC and 24 mg of CBD per 6 pack. Only the Hi-Boy product line contains more, with 5 mg of THC and 8 mg of CBD per can. It’s easy to tailor each experience and enjoy a light buzz without going overboard with these drinks. The company focused on the canned drink market to make their products as portable as possible.

Whether you prefer to relax on the beach or need something to bring to a dinner party, a 6-pack of Cann is a fitting choice. Due to their higher price point, these drinks are somewhat of a luxury product. However, the quality of the flavoring and THC extract makes it worth the expense. Like most cannabis-infused drinks, Cann seltzers take only around 15 minutes to kick in. That makes it easy to get your evening off to the right start with a few sips. Currently, available flavors include Blood Orange Cardamom, Ginger Lemongrass, Grapefruit Rosemary, Lemon Lavender, and various seasonal combinations. These flavors are grown-up enough to rival fine wine at the drinks table.

Cann Online Reviews

Most of the reviews of Cann drinks are highly positive. Drinkers praise the inventive and not overly sweet flavors, which still aren’t too floral or overpowering for the seltzer base. The low dose format is also relatively popular. Some reviewers say the dosage is perfect for being social without getting too stoned to function. People who have tried it as an alternative to alcohol reported being pleased with the amount of effect and the lack of hangover the next day.

The price point is the only main complaint some users have, especially considering the overall low level of THC in the whole 6-pack. This makes Cann more of a splurge than an everyday product, which does fit their brand goals anyway.

Cann Brand Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Cann Main Headquarters

Cann is headquartered in Oakland, California, and uses Los Angeles as its home base for promotions and events. Cann is only available in the US in Illinois, Massachusetts, and California, but they plan to expand sales into more states and Canada in 2022.

· Address: 490 43rd Street
Oakland, California, 94609
· Phone Number: 213-444-2655
· Website:

Does Cann contain alcohol?

Cann is an alcohol-free seltzer drink that contains only THC and CBD. The low doses of both compounds are designed to mimic the tipsy effects of one or two alcoholic drinks, but these canned drinks are free from any alcohol.

How much does Cann cost?

Depending on local pricing, a 6-pack of 15-oz cans costs around $20. A higher THC content product line known as the Hi-Boys is also available with 5 mg of THC per 12 oz can. Those cans are sold in 4-packs and tend to cost around $30 to $35.

What is the best Cann flavor?

If you prefer sweeter and more mellow drinks, try the Blood Orange Cardamom or the Lemon Lavender flavors. The other flavors are slightly more intense and may be a little sour or herbal for casual sippers.

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