Wookies Strain — It’ll Take You to Galaxy Far, Far Away

Need a soothing strain that’ll help you let your hair down? The wondrously uplifting Wookies strain (also known as Girl Scout Wookies) will get the job done. This heavy-hitting, indica-dominant cross of the White 91 and Girl Scout Cookies strains can annihilate anxiety, demolish depression, and pulverize pain after just a toke or two.

Whether you’re looking to relax after a rough day or simply want to slap a huge grin on your face, Wookies will leave you feeling out-of-this-world wonderful.

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Wookies Strain
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Wookies Strain Flavor Scale

With each toke of the otherworldly Wookies strain, you’ll taste:

Sweet mint
Sour citrus
Woody herbs

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      Wookies Strain Information

      First and foremost, Wookies ain’t for rookies. This strain clocks in at an average THC concentration of 24% but often hits a whopping 28% under optimal growing and curing conditions.

      As a 70/30 indica-sativa hybrid, Wookies delivers an intensely euphoric, remarkably relaxing, and ultimately sedating high. But when it first sets in, it may get your mind cranking or give you an urge to get creative. You’ll feel ridiculously happy and may even get the giggles, but as your high wears on, you’ll steadily sink into a super-soothed and totally subdued state.

      Because Wookies hits like a rocket ship, it’s best to enjoy it during the late afternoon or evening hours. And if you plan to partake, make sure to stock your pantry because the munchies are strong with this one.

      Wookies Strain Effects

      Relaxed 79%
      Hungry 84%
      Happy 81%
      Sleepy 82%
      Helps With
      Stress 77%
      Anxiety 83%
      Depression 77%
      Pain 82%
      Happy 45%
      Paranoia 46%
      Headaches 42%

      Wookies Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Toadface — “Serotonin Machinegun”
      Toadface — “Serotonin Machinegun” 84%
      Beach House — “Space Song”
      Beach House — “Space Song” 77%
      Bunny Wailer — “Mellow Mood”
      Bunny Wailer — “Mellow Mood” 83%

      Toadface — “Serotonin Machinegun”: Try wrapping your mind around this funky techno jam after a few tokes of Wookies. You might just feel like you’re blasting through space at super speed.

      Beach House — “Space Song”: This strangely soothing, psychedelic tune should make an excellent soundtrack for your Wookies-guided trip to outer space.

      Bunny Wailer — “Mellow Mood”: This sunny, chill reggae jam should mirror your Wookies-induced mood quite nicely.

      Pairs With Food
      Cookies 82%
      Hot wings
      Hot wings 82%
      A smorgasbord of snacks
      A smorgasbord of snacks 87%

      Cookies: Opt for quick-and-easy no-bakes if Wookies leaves you stuck to the couch. Honestly, though, when the munchies make their entrance, any kind of cookie will do.

      Hot wings: Word has it that Wookiees like their food with a bit of a kick. If you do, too, spicy wings should make an appearance on your munchies menu.

      A smorgasbord of snacks: A mega case of the munchies can make it tough to choose just one snack. So grab ‘em all. Chips, crackers, popcorn — whatever you like, nosh on that.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Espresso martini
      Espresso martini 83%
      Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
      Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster 85%
      Drink Me, You Will
      Drink Me, You Will 81%

      Espresso martini: If you wanna keep your energy levels up while Wookies tries to take you down, this energizing cocktail should get the job done nicely.

      Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster: Enjoy the “Best Drink in Existence” while Wookies takes you to another galaxy. Two iconic experiences rolled into one.

      Drink Me, You Will: Yes, it’s a real cocktail. And its combo of sweet French brandy, basil, sage simple, and lemon tastes amazing alongside Wookies’ citrusy, sweet, and herbal notes.

      Where The Wookies Strain Is Grown

      Some sources say a breeder by the name of Tierra Rojo is responsible for this otherworldly strain. But nobody is 100% sure who the genius behind Wookies is. Maybe because it was actually imported from Kashyyyk?

      Wookies Strain Summary

      When you want a strain that’ll simultaneously lift your spirits and help you wind down in a hurry, Wookies won’t disappoint. If this strain blows your hair back, you’ll probably also enjoy strains with similar effects like Northern Lights and Death Star.

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