Wookie Strain — Unwind and Whet Your Appetite

Wanna wind down in a hurry? The Wookie strain might be just what you need to mollify your mind and stick your physical form to your couch. This heavily indica-dominant cross of the Appalachia and Big Buddy’s Lavender strains will leave you feeling mentally and physically calm for hours on end. It’ll also get your appetite raring and set you up for an excellent night’s sleep.

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Wookie Strain
9.5Expert Score
Wookie Strain Flavor Scale

The Wookie strain offers up an intoxicating floral, herbal aroma and a palate-pleasing flavor that tastes like a blend of:

Sweet ‘n’ sour citrus fruits
Lavender and mint
Earthy herbs

      AVO Ratings



      15% to 20%




      Wookie Strain Information

      The Wookie strain (not to be confused with Wookies) is a 70/30 indica-sativa hybrid with a fairly mid-range THC concentration in the neighborhood of 15% to 20%. Although this rare hybrid leans heavily indica, it delivers an interestingly well-balanced blend of long-lasting cerebral and physical effects.

      After a few tokes, you’ll feel a fast-hitting, euphoric lift and may notice a fleeting burst of energy, too. But that vim and vigor will quickly fade as Wookie’s ultra-relaxing effects wash over you from head to toe. You’ll feel a deep sense of tranquility weave its way throughout your headspace as Wookie soothes and loosens up your physical form. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself cozying up on the couch within minutes, with a monster case of the munchies urging you to raid your kitchen for snacks.

      Wookie Strain Effects

      Euphoric 83%
      Relaxed 85%
      Hungry 78%
      Helps With
      Stress 78%
      Depression 84%
      Low appetite
      Low appetite 83%
      Insomnia 79%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 43%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 45%

      Wookie Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Chromonicci, Alex Isley — “Interstellar”
      Chromonicci, Alex Isley — “Interstellar” 85%
      Venna, JVCK JAMES — “Sun, Moon, & Herbs”
      Venna, JVCK JAMES — “Sun, Moon, & Herbs” 80%
      SiR, Scribz Riley — “Life Is Good”
      SiR, Scribz Riley — “Life Is Good” 83%

      Chromonicci, Alex Isley — “Interstellar”: Throw this groovy yet oddly soothing track on while you relax into your high. Let the velvety vocals and hypnotic beat carry your mind into an even more peaceful state.

      Venna, JVCK JAMES — “Sun, Moon, & Herbs”: As you let your herb chill you out, groove along to this relaxing, sensuous soul track and let it float your mind around in space.

      SiR, Scribz Riley — “Life Is Good”: After a few tokes of Wookie, you’ll feel exactly like the title of this chill, feel-good R&B track—why not jam along?

      Pairs With Food
      Pizza 88%
      Garlic parmesan potato wedges
      Garlic parmesan potato wedges 82%
      Tortilla chips and mango salsa
      Tortilla chips and mango salsa 79%

      Pizza: Nothing is quite as satisfying as pizza when those munchies come knockin’. Plus, you can order in, so you can keep your tush glued to your couch.

      Garlic parmesan potato wedges: Easy to whip up and even easier to devour, this delectable, savory-umami snack can easily satisfy even the meanest carb craving.

      Tortilla chips and mango salsa: When you’re feeling munchy, a sweet, salty, savory, crunchy snack is the perfect cure. Plus, mango’s primary terpene, myrcene, will enhance and extend your Wookie high.

      Pairs With Spirits
      St. Germain spritz
      St. Germain spritz 80%
      Gin and tonic
      Gin and tonic 77%
      Bijou 83%

      St. Germain spritz: If you love the lavender notes in your weed, sip on this unfussy, lavender-forward cocktail and send your tastebuds to heaven.

      Gin and tonic: Simple and classic, this herbaceous, citrusy cocktail’s tasting notes play oh-so-nicely with Wookie’s flavors.

      Bijou: If you wanna complement the herbal notes in your weed, this ultra-herbaceous, pre-prohibition libation will blow you away.

      Where The Wookie Strain Is Grown

      The breeders at Colorado-based Bodhi Seeds created the Wookie strain.

      Wookie Strain Summary

      When you wanna wind down and kick back on your couch after a tough day, Wookie will help wash your stress and cares away. If you can’t get your hands on this tough-to-find strain, you may enjoy strains with similar effects, like Gelato #41 or Lilac Diesel.

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