Superglue Strain — Get Super Glued (to the Closest Cushy Surface)

If the Superglue strain sounds like a potent, heavy-hitter, that’s because it most certainly is. This indica-dominant hybrid can be tough to find, but if you do get your hands on it, you’ll enjoy a deeply relaxing, pain-relieving, anxiety-alleviating buzz.

Although this bud’s name hints at some serious couchlock, Superglue can actually be socially lubricating. It can help you focus and be productive. But if you go a little overboard with this powerfully medicinal strain, it’ll definitely glue your butt to the couch.

Superglue Strain
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Superglue Strain Flavor Scale

If you can imagine licking the forest, the Superglue strain tastes kinda like that. With each toke, you’ll pick up notes of:

Pungent earth

AVO Ratings




18% to 28%





Strain Information

Superglue is a 70/30 indica-sativa hybrid with an average THC content of 18% to 28% and a CBD content of about 1.5%. Whether you’re looking for a soothing body high that’ll help alleviate pain or hoping to calm your overly stressed mind, just a few puffs of this potent medicine will have you feeling right as rain.

Both medicinal and recreational tokers love Superglue for its ability to ease physical discomfort, nausea, depression, and mental tension. This strain can also help encourage sleep, but you likely won’t feel tired until you’re on the comedown.

Superglue Strain Effects



Helps With



Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Superglue Strain Pairings

Pairs With Music

Glass Animals — “Gooey”
Mac Miller — “Good News”
Kendrick Lamar

Glass Animals — “Gooey”: If Superglue has you feeling a little gooey and gluey, this fun, funky jam should mirror your state nicely.

Mac Miller — “Good News”: While you let Superglue lift your spirits and soothe your mind, let this chill jam play in the background. Kick back, relax, and lay down for a little instead of trying to figure everything out. Say the lyrics made you do it.

Kendrick Lamar — “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe”: Celebrate your lifted vibe with this candid jam. If anyone tries to bring you down, crank the volume.

Pairs With Food

Spring rolls
Minestrone soup
Peppery jerky

Spring rolls: Finger food is perfect when you’re flying high, and spring rolls pair wonderfully with Superglue’s natural flavors.

Minestrone soup: If you’re feeling gluey after a few too many tokes of Superglue, cozy up on your couch with a steaming bowl of this savory, full-bodied, comforting soup.

Peppery jerky: Nosh away on this protein-rich snack while you enjoy your superglued state. Bonus: You don’t even have to feel guilty if you eat the whole bag.

Pairs With Spirits

Moscow mule
Gin and tonic

Beer: Crack a cold one while you roll a Superglue spliff, and you’ve got a great recipe for some serious chillin’.

Moscow mule: This sweet and spicy cocktail is just about as strong as Superglue, and its zesty ginger notes help balance out the strain’s forest-like flavors.

Gin and tonic: Uncomplicated, herbaceous, and ultra-refreshing, the G&T tastes amazing with Superglue’s piney and woodsy notes still lingering on the tongue.

Where The Superglue Strain Is Grown

The breeders created the Superglue strain at Seedism Seeds when they crossed the legendary Northern Lights strain with an Afghani landrace. You might be able to find this rare strain in medical dispensaries on the West Coast of the US, but it’s pretty scarce everywhere else.

Superglue Strain Aroma

When you first sniff a fresh bud of the Superglue strain, you may swear it smells just like a pine forest. Aging or vaporizing the bud can bring out the caramel brown sugar scent instead. You won’t smell the more pungent side of this strain as much as you’ll taste it. Many people also liken it to sandalwood or other incense woods like cedar because of the rich woody smell.

How to Grow the Superglue Strain

This strain offers a middle-of-the-road growing experience. As long as you can provide the right light levels and steady fertilization, it’ll take only around 10 weeks to reach a full harvest and doesn’t tend to suffer many issues. The yield is considered quite high despite the plants only reaching a medium height and width. When grown outdoors, Superglue tends to finish flowering around October.

The Full Flavor Terpenes of the Superglue Strain

Earthy and pine wood flavors come from the high amount of Caryophyllene, which also accounts for the sweetness as it’s inhaled. Phellandrene also contributes a spicy, somewhat pungent flavor. But it’s the Camphene that adds a slightly pungent edge to the aroma and flavor.

Three Strains the Superglue Strain Is Similar To

Power Plant

For a sativa boost without the high THC of this strain, consider the South African Power Plant strain.

Blackberry Trainwreck

Get a slightly more relaxing and loopy experience by trying Blackberry Trainwreck instead.

Sugar Pine

Not only does Sugar Pine has a flavor profile similar to this strain, but it’s also energizing and uplifting.

Superglue Strain FAQs

What is the Superglue strain good for?

It’s great for soothing anxiety, lifting your mood when dealing with depression, relaxing after a stressful day, or calming PTSD symptoms.

How long does it take Superglue to flower?

Harvest takes around 10 weeks in total, and flowering begins around the 7 to 8-week mark.

Is the Superglue strain strong?

With an average THC content that can reach 28%, Superglue can be too strong for beginners.

Superglue Strain Summary

If you wanna chill out at the end of a long day, Superglue will definitely get you where you wanna go. Strains with similar pain-relieving and relaxing effects include G-Force, GlueChee, and GG5.

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