GG5 Strain — Get Glued

Don’t make any plans this afternoon because the GG5 Strain (New Glue) is here to glue you down again. You may be familiar with GG4, the Original Gorilla Glue, but its new relative is even harder hitting than the OG. It’s a potent hybrid with 80% indica and 20% sativa and will get even the most seasoned stoners high.

After smoking, you’ll be so relaxed you won’t want to move for the rest of the day.

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gg5 strain
8.5Expert Score
GG5 Strain Flavor Scale

This strain’s potency goes beyond its high. The flavors are pungent and dank.


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      GG5 Strain Information

      GG5 is one of the newest and most potent strains from the experts at GG Strains. They are responsible for breeding the very first Gorilla Glue, and no one has been able to reproduce their strains in quite the same way.

      Strain Effects

      Hungry 82%
      Relaxed 93%
      Drowsy 92%
      Helps With
      Pain 81%
      Headaches 86%
      Stress 77%
      Paranoia 50%
      Dizziness 50%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 50%

      GG5 Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Oh Wonder — Dazzle
      Oh Wonder — Dazzle 86%
      Banks — Waiting Game
      Banks — Waiting Game 90%
      The Japanese House — Saw You in a Dream
      Happy 50%

      Oh Wonder — Dazzle

      Just take one look at this adorable band/couple, and you’ll be instantly charmed. It also helps that Oh Wonder’s music is beautiful, with stunning harmonies and a laid-back sound.

      Banks — Waiting Game

      Sultry and sexy, Banks makes dark and brooding R&B that’s perfect for late nights and rainy days. She’s opened for big acts like The Weekend, but she’s still not as well known as she deserves to be.

      The Japanese House — Saw You in a Dream

      The Japanese House will make you feel like you’re floating with their whimsical sound. The track “Saw You in a Dream” sounds like falling in love, and you are simply missing out if it’s not already on your playlist.

      Pairs With Food
      S'mores 86%
      Cheese Fries
      Cheese Fries 97%
      French Onion Soup
      French Onion Soup 93%

      S’mores: This strain is a good one for sitting out by a campfire, and you can’t have a campfire without some s’mores. If you don’t have a campfire handy, you can make them at home too!

      Cheese Fries: This has to be one of the best munchies snacks of all time. Fries are delicious and savory, and everything is better with melted cheese.

      French Onion Soup: If you’ve smoked GG5 in the house, it may be dank. Make this delicious soup to cover up the smell and fill your tummy when you’re blunt is dead.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Corona with Lime
      Corona with Lime 80%
      Coconut Mango Mezcalita
      Coconut Mango Mezcalita 91%
      Gin & Tonic
      Gin & Tonic 95%

      Corona with Lime: You’ve just gotten home from work and hit the blunt. What better time to pop open a bottle of Corona and throw in a slice of lime for flair?

      Coconut Mango Mezcalita: A Mezcalita is like a margarita but with delicious mezcal rather than tequila. This recipe will show you how to make this sweet and tasty drink.

      Gin & Tonic: Easy and delicious, a gin and tonic is a quick sip for anyone who wants a cocktail but might be too lazy to put in the effort.

      Where The GG5 Strain Is Grown

      GG Strains is partnering with certified growers all over the country who they’ve entrusted with breeding their plants.

      Strain Summary

      GG5 may sound like the name of a sequel, but trust us, this one is different from the rest. GG5 is a potent hybrid that will put your head in the clouds and plant your body right down on the couch. Compare this indica-dominant strain to other strains such as Tahoe OG.

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