Strawberry Shortcake Strain — The Shortcut to a Sweet Time

Strawberry Shortcake is an indica cross that has a nice heavy head high. This strain is great for relaxing and napping away the afternoon. It has a sweet smell reminiscent of old funky cotton candy, thanks to a hint of fuel. It has a sweeter and less fuel-dominant taste than Strawberry OG.

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Strawberry Shortcake Strain
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Strawberry Shortcake Strain Flavor Scale

This sweet dessert strain has fruity notes like:

Sugary vanilla

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      Strawberry Shortcake Strain Information

      Strawberry Shortcake has a 16% THC level with 1% CBD content, which makes it have a milder high. This is not a strain for a high-energy night out but more of a chill evening at home. This makes Strawberry Shortcake ideal for sleep aid and to lower stress levels without sending you too out of it.

      Strawberry Shortcake Strain Effects

      Sleepy 79%
      Euphoric 78%
      Stress relieving
      Stress relieving 73%
      Helps With
      Insomnia 82%
      Depression 76%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 78%
      Stress 75%
      Anxious at high doses
      Anxious at high doses 38%
      Red eye
      Red eye 42%
      Headache 44%

      Strawberry Shortcake Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Bow Wow Wow — “I Want Candy”
      Bow Wow Wow — “I Want Candy” 81%
      Doja Cat — “Juicy”
      Doja Cat — “Juicy” 84%
      The Beatles — “Strawberry Fields Forever”
      The Beatles — “Strawberry Fields Forever” 79%

      Bow Wow Wow — “I Want Candy”: Try listening to a bouncy song from the 80s to go with a sweet surprise strain.

      Doja Cat — “Juicy”: This fruity dance song will help enhance your high from the Strawberry Shortcake strain.

      The Beatles — “Strawberry Fields Forever”: If you ever needed a perfectly named theme song for your herb, here is it.

      Pairs With Food
      Strawberry shortcake
      Strawberry shortcake 77%
      Chicken pot pie
      Chicken pot pie 87%
      Mozzarella sticks
      Mozzarella sticks 78%

      Strawberry shortcake: There is no more indulgent way to celebrate the Strawberry Shortcake strain than by consuming the namesake itself. Make sure the whipped cream is freshly made.

      Chicken pot pie: The sweet flavors in the chicken pot pie will complement your smoking experience and keep your belly full.

      Mozzarella sticks: Deep-fried breaded sticks of mozzarella are great for power snacking and have a mild flavor that will bring out the sweetness of this strain.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Strawberry lambic
      Strawberry lambic 82%
      Riesling wine
      Riesling wine 79%
      Cotton candy vodka
      Cotton candy vodka 81%

      Strawberry lambic: A beer made with real strawberries is perfect for this strain.

      Riesling wine: Try a sweet white grape wine made to be served chilled.

      Cotton candy vodka: A candy-flavored vodka will get your Strawberry Shortcake evening off to a good start.

      Where The Strawberry Shortcake Strain Is Grown

      Strawberry Shortcake is a cross between The White and White Wookie strains. Dark Horse Genetics in Colorado created the strain. It’s not related to White Bubblegum, but they pair well together.

      Strawberry Shortcake Strain Summary

      This is a tasty sweet strain for an afternoon picnic. You can set up your hammock and forget all about your troubles with a few puffs.

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