Platinum Kush Strain: The Good Kush

Floaty and potent, the Platinum Kush Strain is a 90% indica-based relaxer that soothes the soul and calms the mind. The name hails from one of the two parents of OG Kush, which breeds with the original Afghani Strain. With an 18.5% THC and 1% CBD, this strain is heavier in CBD than most strains, which makes it perfect for medicinal usage.

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platinum kush strain
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Platinum Kush Flavor Scale

This strain has the same hashy smell and taste as other Kush strains; however, it is delightfully sweet.


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      Strain Information

      This strain was bred in the early ’90s and even won the first-place prize for the Hydro section at the High Times Cup in 1994.

      Strain Effects

      Relaxed 79%
      Euphoric 68%
      Hungry 87%
      Helps With
      Insomnia 73%
      Pain 72%
      Anxiety 80%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 50%
      Fatigue 50%

      Platinum Kush Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Wasted
      Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Wasted 80%
      Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Goddess
      Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Goddess 70%
      Kali Uchis - Fue Mejor
      Kali Uchis - Fue Mejor 79%

      Rainbow Kitten Surprise – Wasted

      Before you let the band name turn you off to this gem, take a moment to listen to Boone NC Natives’ soothing folk sound that’s perfect for chilling.

      Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Goddess

      Pink Floyd is a staple in the rock and roll community, but their music never gets too heavy. They’re always a great choice to relax to.

      Kali Uchis – Fue Mejor

      Kali has opened for the alt goddess Lana Del Rey and has made a name for herself with her soothing voice and easy-listening sound.

      Pairs With Food
      Home-baked goodies
      Home-baked goodies 75%
      Popcorn 86%
      Taco night
      Taco night 85%

      Home-baked goodies: Nothing’s as relaxing as letting something you baked melt in your mouth. Turn on some tunes and finally try that homemade bread recipe you put on your Pinterest board.

      Popcorn: A perfect companion to a nice movie or Netflix binge. You might find yourself glued to the couch after smoking this strain.

      Taco night: Build yourself a mini buffet for this lazy night. You might experience some appetite increase with this strain, so make enough for seconds or thirds!

      Pairs With Spirits
      Scotch and soda
      Scotch and soda 68%
      Margarita 84%
      Wine spritzer
      Wine spritzer 76%

      Scotch and soda: When you want something light that doesn’t hide the flavor of your favorite scotch, this classic is easy to make and perfect for sinking into your couch.

      Margarita: Whether you want to have a fun drink at dinner or are looking to crave that sweet tooth, margarita mixes have made it easy to make your own margs at home. Plus, the fruity flavors align well with Platinum Kush’s naturally sweet taste.

      Wine spritzer: Wine spritzers are an easy option when you want something light, casual, and comfortable. Spritzers make it easier to consume less alcohol but are still suitable for unwinding.

      Where The Strain Is Grown

      Platinum Kush is the easiest to find on the West Coast in places like Denver, Colorado.

      Platinum Kush Strain Summary

      This silver-coated sparkly strain is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a stress-free night. Use this award-winning strain to ease your mind from a stressful week or get to bed at a good time. Compare its drowsy effects and sweet flavor to that of Blueberry OG Delight.

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