Orange Crush Strain — A Juicy Boost to Start Your Day

If you just can’t get enough orange juice in the morning, Orange Crush may become your new favorite strain. A juicy and citrus-spiked flavor greets you with each puff, but it’s the mix of helpful effects that will keep you coming back for more. This strain is a sativa-dominant cross with a THC level ranging from 15% to 22% and around 1% CBD.

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Orange Crush Strain
9.5Expert Score
Orange Crush Strain Flavor Scale

One of the most popular of the many citrus-flavored strains, Orange Crush features notes of:

Freshly picked sweet oranges
Zesty berry flavors
Sweet earthiness

      AVO Ratings



      15% to 22%




      Orange Crush Strain Information

      Not unlike the Cake Batter strain, Orange Crush is a sweet sativa with plenty of energy to spare. It’s also known for stimulating the creativity of most of those who sample it. This strain can be overwhelming for newcomers, but trying it in small doses will help you find the right amount to unlock your energy without issue.

      Orange Crush Strain Effects

      Euphoria 81%
      Energy boost
      Energy boost 85%
      Creativity stimulation
      Creativity stimulation 82%
      Helps With
      Fatigue 76%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 79%
      Fibromyalgia 81%
      Stress 80%
      Depression 82%
      Dizziness 42%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 43%
      Thirstiness 45%

      Orange Crush Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      MARINA — “Orange Trees”
      MARINA — “Orange Trees” 83%
      R.E.M. — “Orange Crush”
      R.E.M. — “Orange Crush” 79%
      Sugarland — “Stuck Like Glue”
      Sugarland — “Stuck Like Glue” 82%

      MARINA — “Orange Trees”: Light and playful, this song will keep you bouncing along after indulging in this strain.

      R.E.M. — “Orange Crush”: You can’t beat an indie rock anthem with the same name when enjoying Orange Crush.

      Sugarland — “Stuck Like Glue”: If this strain has you reminiscing about your crush, try a romantic country song to set the mood.

      Pairs With Food
      Tinga tacos
      Tinga tacos 83%
      Chicken roasted with oranges and sweet potatoes
      Chicken roasted with oranges and sweet potatoes 85%
      Crepes Suzette
      Crepes Suzette 79%

      Tinga tacos: The spicy stewed pork or chicken filling of these tacos will cut through the sweetness of Orange Crush.

      Chicken roasted with oranges and sweet potatoes: Savory yet making the most of the orange’s sweetness, this roasted dish makes a great dinner party course.

      Crepes Suzette: This classic brunch dish has the best flavors of oranges and liquor for a flashy finish after enjoying Orange Crush.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Orange Crush cocktail
      Orange Crush cocktail 84%
      Love Berry shots
      Love Berry shots 79%
      Beer with an orange slice
      Beer with an orange slice 77%

      Orange Crush cocktail: Try this strain’s namesake cocktail during your next session.

      Love Berry shots: A creamy and romantic berry-flavored shot will bring out the best of this strain’s flavor profile.

      Beer with an orange slice: Pair this strain with any light, hops-forward beer with a fresh orange slice on the rim.

      Where The Orange Crush Strain Is Grown

      Created in British Columbia by the BC Grower’s Organization, Orange Crush combines the Blueberry strain with California Orange.

      Orange Crush Strain Summary

      Find your new crush with a strain that will boost your mood and energize your day.

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