NY Cheese Strain — The Big Cheese

As the name suggests, this strain puts the cheese in the Big Apple. It’s a sativa-dominant blend that will get you going, but it’s got enough indica to be relaxing like Double Barrel OG. The name comes from its parentage, which includes NYC Diesel, but no one’s quite sure

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NY Cheese Strain
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NY Cheese Strain Flavor Scale

The flavor of this strain is a bit like having a snack while hiking in a forest, with notes of:

Sharp, fresh pine
Rich earth

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      14% - 15%




      NY Cheese Strain Information

      Unlike many other cheese strains, the flavor of this variety isn’t too strong or overwhelming. It’s balanced out with lighter pine notes that help it stay fresh and tasty. The effects are similarly balanced between calming and energizing.

      NY Cheese Strain Effects

      Energizing 76%
      Mood lifting
      Mood lifting 70%
      Creativity stimulation
      Creativity stimulation 73%
      Helps With
      Lack of appetite
      Lack of appetite 75%
      Stress 77%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 78%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 44%

      NY Cheese Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Nardo Wick — “Who Want Smoke??”:
      Nardo Wick — “Who Want Smoke??”: 69%
      Beastie Boys — “No Sleep Till Brooklyn”
      Beastie Boys — “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” 72%
      Billy Joel — “New York State of Mind”
      Billy Joel — “New York State of Mind” 71%

      Nardo Wick — “Who Want Smoke??”: This Florida trap song may be from the opposite end of the country from NYC, but it’s got the right spirit to pair with this hard-hitting strain.

      Beastie Boys — “No Sleep Till Brooklyn”: With the uplifting effects of NY Cheese and this cheese-filled classic, you’re sure to win.

      Billy Joel — “New York State of Mind”: For a drift away on a soft rock classic, you can’t miss with Billy Joel.

      Pairs With Food
      Mac and cheese
      Mac and cheese 69%
      Breakfast burgers
      Breakfast burgers 64%
      Artichoke hearts
      Artichoke hearts 66%

      Mac and cheese: You can’t miss out on the combination of NY Cheese and your favorite type of mac and cheese. Bacon is optional.

      Breakfast burgers: Topped with a fried egg and served on a bagel bun, it’s the best way to wake and bake along with this strain.

      Artichoke hearts: Dipped in butter, these delicate treats are great for bringing out this strain’s more subtle flavors.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Gin Rickey
      Gin Rickey 71%
      Amaretto sour
      Amaretto sour 67%
      Perfect martini
      Perfect martini 73%

      Gin Rickey: Let a powerful combination of citrus flavors boost your appreciation of this energizing strain.

      Amaretto sour: Bring out the almost caramel notes of NY Cheese with a complex combination of amaretto and sour mix.

      Perfect martini: Made with a combination of sweet and dry vermouth, it’s the ideal martini for this strain.

      Where The NY Cheese Strain Is Grown

      With unknown breeders, NY Cheese is believed to be a cross between NYC Diesel and Cheese. However, it may have other genetics in its background as well.

      NY Cheese Strain Summary

      Potentially related to Sour Diesel, this intriguing strain is great for an afternoon session when you want to keep moods and energy levels lifted

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