Moonbeam Strain — Take a Trip to Outer Space

Ready to get so high you’ll blast past the moon? Look no further than the Moonbeam strain. This extremely potent indica strain is a total knockout you have to try to believe. If you’re looking for a one-way express ticket to slumber town, you’ll find it when you smoke this bud.

The Moonbeam high hits hard and fast, kicking off with a euphoric rush almost immediately after the first toke. You’ll feel happy, social, and buzzy for a while, but those effects gradually give way to an intense relaxation and a supremely powerful, lazy body high that’ll sink you straight to sleep.

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Moonbeam Strain
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The Moonbeam strain is a delectable combo of sweet, fruity, candy-like notes mixed with hints of earthy pine and citrus. The three main flavors in Moonbeam are:


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      Moonbeam Strain Information

      The Moonbeam strain is a total stunner, and if you can get your hands on this rare bud, it’ll stun you straight to sleep. This mega-potent strain is 100% indica with an average THC content of between 19% and 28% and a CBD content of about 8%. Given its incredible potency, this bud is really only suitable for experienced recreational and medical cannabis users.

      The Moonbeam high kicks off with an initial creativity-inducing head rush that may even take on some trippy characteristics in certain situations. While its mentally stimulating effects are immediately noticeable, they slowly give way to deep relaxation and serious couch-lock that’s excellent for addressing stress, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and insomnia.

      Moonbeam Strain Effects

      Relaxed 81%
      Happy 84%
      Social 61%
      Helps With
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 87%
      Stress 85%
      Insomnia 72%
      Dry Mouth
      Dry Mouth 70%
      Dry Eyes
      Dry Eyes 50%
      Mild Headache
      Mild Headache 70%

      Moonbeam Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      GurtyBeats — Bonfire Jazz
      GurtyBeats — Bonfire Jazz 86%
      Rebelution — Attention Span
      Rebelution — Attention Span 66%
      Frank Ocean — Thinkin Bout You
      Frank Ocean — Thinkin Bout You 68%

      GurtyBeats — Bonfire Jazz

      While you light up a bowl of Moonbeam, let this chilled-out, sultry, instrumental jam relax your mind space.

      Rebelution — Attention Span

      While you’re still cognizant enough to put on some tunes, go for this reggae-centric jam. It’s a stoner classic, and once you hear it, you’ll get why.

      Frank Ocean — Thinkin Bout You

      This song is a total vibe. Put it on, light up a bowl of Moonbeam, and get lost in your happy, hazy high.

      Pairs With Food
      Pizza 84%
      Dark chocolate
      Dark chocolate 50%
      Thai drunken noodles
      Thai drunken noodles 50%
      • Pizza: A legendary, late-night stoner classic. There’s nothing better than this savory, cheesy goodness when you’re super stoned.
      • Dark chocolate: Want a pre-bed treat before you let Moonbeam pass you out? Go for dark chocolate. It’s a mood booster on its own, but combined with Moonbeam, it’ll really get you high.
      • Thai drunken noodles: Rich, savory, and totally nosh-worthy, this flavor bomb of a dish is an excellent complement to Moonbeam’s fruity, sweet, and earthy flavor profile.
      Pairs With Spirits
      Gin and tonic
      Gin and tonic 75%
      Rosé 67%
      New York sour
      New York sour 63%
      • Gin and tonic: Simple and classic. If Snoop says gin and tonic goes with the chronic, it must be true. Give it a try and see if you agree.
      • Rosé: Refreshing, simple, and slightly sweet, rosé wine is an excellent complement for a bowl of Moonbeam. Wanna support another stoner? Opt for Snoop Dogg’s newest alcoholic creation: Snoop Cali Rosé.
      • New York sour: A unique spin on the classic whiskey sour, this cocktail is a perfect way to wind down the day along with a few tokes of Moonbeam.

      Where The Moonbeam Strain Is Grown

      The Moonbeam strain comes from none other than the celebrity cannabisseur himself: Snoop Dogg. His cultivation company, Leafs by Snoop, created the strain, but at this point, its parentage is still under wraps since the breeders are super secretive.

      Moonbeam Strain Summary

      The Moonbeam strain is a super-potent indica that’s best reserved for nighttime use and experienced recreational and medical smokers. Its powerful blend of stimulating and relaxing effects makes this bud truly unique, so if you can get your hands on it, definitely give it a try. After all, it’s Snoop approved, so it must be epic. Similarly powerful strains include Northern Lights, Hindu Kush, and LA Confidential.

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