Meat Breath Strain — Pungent and Powerfully Relaxing

Ya know how a perfectly cooked steak hits your palate and stomach in a way you just can’t quite articulate? That’s how Meat Breath will hit your mind and body after just a couple of tokes. This award-winning, indica-dominant hybrid of the Mendo Breath and Meatloaf strains is remarkably relaxing and delivers powerful pain and insomnia relief. If you’re looking to wind down your day with a Netflix-and-nod-off sesh, this magnificently meaty bud was made for you.

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Meat Breath Strain
9.5Expert Score
Meat Breath Strain Flavor Scale

Meat Breath smells kinda like rotting meat (yum, eh?) and offers up a flavorful yet interesting combo of:

Spicy pine and fresh herbs
Pungent diesel and chemicals
Sour citrus

      AVO Ratings



      23% -29%




      Meat Breath Strain Information

      Meat Breath is a 75/25 indica-sativa hybrid with an average THC content of around 23% (it can get as high as 29%) and a CBG content of about 1%. Like any incredible indica, this strain delivers a powerfully uplifting, relaxing, almost comatose-inducing high, so if you’re new to the nug, take it slooow.

      While Meat Breath’s effects can take a hot minute to set in, once they do, you’ll be super happy and superglued to whatever cushy surface you happen to occupy. You’ll notice pain and mental tension rapidly dissipate, and before you know it, you’ll be packing your bags for a blissful trip to dreamland.

      Meat Breath Strain Effects

      Relaxed 85%
      Uplifted 87%
      Sleepy 83%
      Helps With
      Anxiety 85%
      Insomnia 81%
      Pain 86%
      Dizziness 43%
      Disorientation 46%
      Headache 44%

      Meat Breath Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Mila J — “Kickin’ Back”
      Mila J — “Kickin’ Back” 81%
      Petit Biscuit — “Sunset Lover”
      Petit Biscuit — “Sunset Lover” 84%
      Electric Guest — “This Head I Hold”
      Electric Guest — “This Head I Hold” 88%

      Mila J — “Kickin’ Back”: Listen to this while you’re tokin’ some Meat Breath, kickin’ back, vibin’, and chillin’ (you’ll understand when you hear the lyrics), and everything will be all good.

      Petit Biscuit — “Sunset Lover”: Let this oddly soothing track guide your mind into a zoned-out, super-soothed state while you enjoy your sunset Meat Breath spliff.

      Electric Guest — “This Head I Hold”: If you need a tune to keep your energy up when the head you hold starts getting heavy, this is it.

      Pairs With Food
      Filet mignon
      Filet mignon 79%
      Barbacoa beef tacos
      Barbacoa beef tacos 82%
      Grilled lobster with lemon garlic butter
      Grilled lobster with lemon garlic butter 81%

      Filet mignon: Because, duh. Add some mushrooms sauteed in garlic and a pile of roasted potatoes to fill your plate (and your belly). Also, cook your filet with fresh rosemary — it makes all the difference.

      Barbacoa beef tacos: These ridiculously tender, remarkably flavorful tacos will blow your tastebuds away and just so happen to pair amazingly with Meat Breath’s varied flavor profile.

      Grilled lobster with lemon garlic butter: It’s almost as indulgent as the Meat Breath strain and complements its flavors beautifully.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Merlot 82%
      Dry martini
      Dry martini 84%
      Whiskey sour
      Whiskey sour 85%

      Merlot: This deep red wine’s full-bodied flavor pairs wonderfully with Meat Breath’s pungent tasting notes (it’s even better if you pair it with filet!).

      Dry martini: It’s unfussy and classic, and its palate-cleansing nature will allow you to fully enjoy each delicious toke of the Meat Breath strain (it pairs amazingly with steak, too).

      Whiskey sour: It’s light enough to contrast Meat Breath’s strong flavors and has just enough depth to stand up to its richness (and the richness of whatever meaty dish you happen to enjoy for dinner).

      Where The Meat Breath Strain Is Grown

      Michigan-based Thugpug Genetics created the Meat Breath strain. It went on to win third place in the indica category at the 2017 Karma Cup.

      Meat Breath Strain Summary

      Meat Breath is made for relaxation, so if you’ve nothing on your to-do list for the evening, give this strain a try. If you can’t find it or you adore it and are looking to branch out, you’ll probably enjoy other strains with similar effects, including Purple Punch and Afghani.

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