Guava Cake Strain — Sweet Tropical Thunder

Named after a shockingly pink Hawaiian dessert, this strain is a heavily indica-dominant hybrid. It’s sure to give you a calming and relaxing experience, much like Duct Tape. A few puffs can leave you feeling far less stressed, yet it’s not too sleep-inducing for afternoon use.

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Blue Dream Strain
9.6Expert Score
Guava Cake Strain Flavor Scale

If you don't feel like baking, all you need is a little of this strain for a tasty pick-me-up. The Guava Cake strain offers flavors of:

Tropical fruits
Crisp, juicy pear
Other tree fruits

      AVO Ratings



      15 -40%



      15% - 40%

      Guava Cake Strain Information

      Growing in spiky, somewhat loose buds frosted with white, Guava Cake is as pretty to look at as it is enjoyable to smoke. It’s a roughly 70% indica hybrid, with just enough sativa genetics to make you giggly and alert rather than couch-locked or snoring.

      Guava Cake Strain Effects

      Arousing 72%
      Mood-boosting 67%
      Deep relaxation
      Deep relaxation 61%
      Helps With
      Depression 77%
      Stress 50%
      Fatigue 63%
      ADHD 49%
      Anxiety 45%
      Dizziness 32%
      Dry Mouth
      Dry Mouth 31%
      Headaches 24%

      Guava Cake Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Bob Marley — "Guava Jelly"
      Bob Marley — "Guava Jelly" 76%
      Rihanna — "Birthday Cake"
      Rihanna — "Birthday Cake" 64%
      Crowded House — "Chocolate Cake"
      Crowded House — "Chocolate Cake" 61%

      Bob Marley — “Guava Jelly”: One of the best-loved reggae hits of all time is the perfect way to set the mood for your first (or 50th) session with Guava Cake.

      Rihanna — “Birthday Cake”: You’ll feel like it’s your birthday when you combine the power of this strain and Rihanna’s dulcet tones.

      Crowded House — “Chocolate Cake”: Chocolate guava cake is a popular twist on the traditional, and this song fits that theme with a moody sound just right for this strain.

      Pairs With Food
      Guava cake
      Guava cake 42%
      Pork empanadas
      Pork empanadas 50%
      Feta and spicy pepper dip
      Feta and spicy pepper dip 57%

      Guava cake: Making this strain’s namesake dessert is as easy as mixing guava juice or paste with cake mix.

      Pork empanadas: A deep-fried or baked snack will stave off any munchies brought on by this creeping strain.

      Feta and spicy pepper dip: Round out the sweet notes of this strain with a spicy and creamy dip for your favorite chips.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Hawaiian POG cocktail
      Hawaiian POG cocktail 57%
      Guava wine:
      Guava wine: 66%
      Birthday cake flavored vodka
      Birthday cake flavored vodka 63%

      Hawaiian POG cocktail: Based on the classic passionfruit, orange, and guava juice of years past, this cocktail has the same flavors as this strain.

      Guava wine: Hawaiian fruit wine pairs naturally with Guava Cake, thanks to their similar notes.

      Birthday cake flavored vodka: For a sweet twist on this theme, try cake vodka and this fruity strain.

      Where The Guava Cake Strain Is Grown

      With an unknown breeder, Guava Cake is believed to originate from a cross of Wedding Cake and another strain.

      Guava Cake Strain Summary

      Make Guava Cake the star of your next relaxing session with a special someone to really wow them.

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