Ebola #7 Strain— It’s Dangerously Relaxing

Ebola #7 is nothing to be afraid of. Its viral name comes from how it spread throughout Humboldt County, California. It’s a hybrid strain with an earthly flavor that offers relaxation and a mood boost. It’s the perfect boost for socializing and creative work, and as it wears off, it brings deep relaxation.

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Ebola #7 Strain
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Ebola #7 Flavor Scale

Ebola #7 will transport you to the forest with its earthly flavor.


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      Ebola #7 Strain Information

      Ebola #7 was created by HendRx Farms. It was bred from two popular strains: SFV OG and Girl Scout Cookies.

      • It’s an indica-dominant strain (80% indica, 20% sativa).
      • It may alleviate stress and depression.

      It has very high levels of THC (24% to 28%).

      Ebola #7 Strain Effects

      Creative 81%
      Talkative 67%
      Energetic 73%
      Helps With
      Happy 72%
      Depression 72%
      Dry Eyes
      Dry Eyes 28%
      Dry Mouth
      Dry Mouth 42%
      Anxious 39%

      Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Carbon Leaf — Life Less Ordinary
      Carbon Leaf — Life Less Ordinary 72%
      Brandi Carlile — Take Me Home, Country Roads
      Brandi Carlile — Take Me Home, Country Roads 71%
      Aaron Taylor — Blue
      Aaron Taylor — Blue 50%

      Carbon Leaf — Life Less Ordinary

      This song by the Celtic alt-country group Carbon Leaf will transport you to starry nights with someone you love.

      Brandi Carlile — Take Me Home, Country Roads

      This cover of the John Denver classic is dark and ethereal, perfectly complementing the darker tones of Ebola #7.

      Aaron Taylor — Blue

      This neo-soul number has sweet harmonies that will sweep you away.

      Pairs With Food
      Smores 61%
      Pigs in a Blanket
      Pigs in a Blanket 61%
      Mixed berry cobbler
      Mixed berry cobbler 60%

      Smores: This camping classic pairs perfectly with Ebola #7’s piney notes and earthy flavor.

      Pigs in a Blanket: This classic makes the perfect party appetizer. Get ready to socialize with Ebola #7 and make this easy dish to please your guests. Or eat them all yourself. Why not?

      Mixed berry cobbler: With sweet (but not too sweet) berries, and a buttery topping, this dessert will keep you grounded.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Whiskey sour
      Whiskey sour 61%
      Green & Black Manhattan
      Green & Black Manhattan 60%
      Sauvignon Blanc
      Sauvignon Blanc 40%

      Whiskey sour: The sourness of this cocktail balances out the sweet and spice notes of Ebola #7. Try our recipe to make the perfect drink.

      Green & Black Manhattan: This drink leans heavily into Ebola #7’s pine notes. It’s made with Zirbenz, a liqueur made from pine from the Austrian Alps. It can be a little tough to find, but it’s worth the effort.

      Sauvignon Blanc: This white wine with herbal flavors will complement Ebola #7’s earthy notes.

      Where The Ebola #7 Strain Is Grown

      Ebola #7 was created by HendRx Farms in 2012 and originally grew throughout Humboldt County, California. Since then, it’s spread throughout California.

      Ebola #7 Strain Summary

      Similar to Pineapple Express and Cherry Pie, this indica-dominant strain will boost your mood, leaving you feeling creative and chatty. As it wears off, it will leave you feeling deeply relaxed. It’s the perfect choice for mid-to-late afternoon or early evening.

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