Danky Doodle Strain — The Divinely Dank De-Stresser

Formerly known as Double D (a cheeky nod to this strain’s hefty buds), the Danky Doodle strain is a heavily indica-dominant, full-body relaxer. Although this seriously skunky strain is physically calming, it also brings on a rush of euphoric energy that many tokers find arousing. Danky Doodle’s moderate potency and stoney effects make it a solid choice for seasoned cannabis lovers looking for a super-relaxing yet mentally stimulating high.

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Danky Doodle Strain
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Danky Doodle Strain Flavor Scale

The Danky Doodle strain is a dank and pungent blend of honey-sweet, skunky, earthy, and herbal notes mixed with sour and slightly spicy undertones. The three main flavors in Danky Doodle are:


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      Danky Doodle Strain Information

      Although the Danky Doodle strain is 90% indica, it delivers a fast-hitting, euphoric, uplifting, and energizing head high that’s characteristic of a much more sativa-heavy bud. After about an hour or two, its heady effects gradually fade, giving way to a warming physical buzz that washes the body in a wave of pure relaxation.

      A cross between Viking, Big Bud, and KC 636, Danky Doodle’s THC content averages 13% to 22%, and its CBG content tests at about 1%. This strain’s uplifting and intensely relaxing high is a great way to combat stress, depression, anxiety, pain, nausea, and insomnia.

      Danky Doodle Strain Effects

      Euphoric 87%
      Happy 70%
      Aroused 61%
      Relaxed 74%
      Helps With
      Stress 88%
      Anxiety 65%
      Depression 73%
      Pain 56%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 41%
      Dizziness 20%
      Headache 24%

      Danky Doodle Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      The Weeknd — Loft Music
      The Weeknd — Loft Music 91%
      Alina Baraz — Make You Feel
      Alina Baraz — Make You Feel 80%
      Miguel — Come Through and Chill
      Miguel — Come Through and Chill 69%

      The Weeknd — Loft Music

      Mellow, carefree, and slightly ethereal, this early song from the Weeknd’s House of Balloons album is a major departure from his widely known (and played-to-death) mainstream stuff. But that’s exactly what makes it so good. Loft Music is perfect for getting your chill on.

      Alina Baraz — Make You Feel

      Danky Doodle is known for being arousing, and this ultra-chill, sensual track (or really any track on her Urban Flora album) is excellent for unwinding and enjoying the best of this bud’s effects.

      Miguel — Come Through and Chill

      Whether you’re cool chiefin’ solo or hoping for a special someone to come through and burn one, this not-subtle ode to late-night, non-PG pursuits is a perfect vibe. It’s mellow, soothing, catchy, and basically, a chillax pill for your eardrums.

      Pairs With Food
      Indian Food
      Indian Food 76%
      Grilled steak with chimichurri
      Grilled steak with chimichurri 69%
      Rice Krispie treats
      Rice Krispie treats 76%
      • Indian food: The unique blend of sweet, savory, zingy, and spicy flavors in just about any Indian dish is extra mouthwatering and super-satisfying after a few tokes of Danky Doodle.
      • Grilled steak with chimichurri: Super flavorful, herbaceous, a little pungent, and a little spicy, this dish tastes amazing alongside Danky Doodle.

      Rice Krispie treats: A classic stoner indulgence. Crunchy, sweet, and buttery, these are great at any time, but they’re unusually delightful while you’re flying high. Just try not to eat the whole pan.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Pale ale
      Pale ale 75%
      Whiskey sour
      Whiskey sour 74%
      Red wine
      Red wine 60%
      • Pale ale: Refreshing and perfect for kicking back, any carefully crafted pale ale goes great with Danky Doodle.
      • Whiskey sour: A perfectly balanced whisky sour is a little tart, slightly sweet, and velvety smooth — an excellent complement for Danky Doodle. Stick with bourbon if you like it a little softer, or use equal parts bourbon and rye if you like a little kick.

      Red wine: Musky, earthy, woody, and perfect for winding down the night (or getting a little sizzly), a glass of red is amazing alongside a few tokes of Danky Doodle.

      Where The Danky Doodle Strain Is Grown

      The Holland-based cannabis breeders at KC Brains created the Danky Doodle strain by first crossing Viking and Big Buds, two indica-dominant hybrids. They then crossed the resulting hybrid strain with KC 636, another indica-dominant strain from the KC Brains library.

      The resulting strain was initially dubbed Double D as a reference to the plant’s huge buds. But to avoid confusion with the similarly named, indica-dominant hybrid, Double Dutch, KC Brains ultimately chose to rename the strain Danky Doodle.

      Danky Doodle Strain Summary

      Danky Doodle is so named for a reason: it’s DANK. This strain is pretty potent, so it’s best reserved for cannabis users who’ve developed at least a mild tolerance. Its initially energetic and stimulating head high gives way to body-melting relaxation and sleepiness, so most tokers should enjoy this strain toward the latter part of the day. Strains with similar effects include Grandaddy Purple, God’s Gift, and Platinum Kush.

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