Cookies and Cream Strain — Creamy Dreams with Classic Cookie Taste

While there are many cookie-based strains out there today, few are truly as creamy as Cookies and Cream. This strain has an almost buttery flavor that goes well with its uplifting and mildly energizing effects. It’s an ideal afternoon treat, not unlike Seattle Cough, but with a much milder flavor profile.

Cookies And Cream Strain
9.5Expert Score
Cookies and Cream Strain Flavor Scale

Need a dessert replacement that’s calorie-free? You’ll enjoy every puff of this strain, which tastes like:

Earthy toasted nuts
Creamy vanilla

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Cookies and Cream Strain Information

Thanks to its balance as a hybrid strain, Cookies and Cream manages to provide the best of both worlds. It’ll calm you down and help you relax, but it’ll also give you enough focus and energy to play a video game or try a new recipe. It’s nowhere near as intense as a strain like Booger.

Cookies and Cream Strain Effects


Mood uplifting

Helps With

Chronic pain
Stomach Issues


Dry eyes
Dry mouth

Cookies and Cream Strain Pairings

Pairs With Music

Doja Cat — “Cookie Jar”
Raekwon — “Ice Cream”
Supercar — “Cream Soda”

Doja Cat — “Cookie Jar”: Give the strain the upbeat soundtrack it deserves with the help of Doja Cat.

Raekwon — “Ice Cream”: Put on some old-school hip hop to make the most of the energy and creativity boost from this strain.

Supercar — “Cream Soda”: A modern rock anthem will help motivate you through anything, but a few puffs of Cookies and Cream won’t hurt either.

Pairs With Food

Pancakes with strawberry ice cream
Horseradish burger
Corn fritters

Pancakes with strawberry ice cream: Take breakfast for dinner to a new level after indulging in a round or two of this strain.

Horseradish burger: Let the sinus-clearing power of horseradish cut through the sweet, creamy taste of this strain.

Corn fritters: Breaded corn balls used to be a county fair staple, but now you can enjoy them at home along with Cookies and Cream.

Pairs With Spirits

Mint schnapps

Mint schnapps: Let the fresh taste of mint mingle with the creaminess of this strain to elevate the flavor profile.

Bourbon: Balance out all the sweetness of Cookies and Cream with a bit of smokiness from some aged liquor.

Cabernet: If you want to sip wine along with this buttery strain, make it a bold red.

Where The Cookies and Cream Strain Is Grown

Exotic Genetix is a Washington-based breeder that is responsible for this exciting hybrid. The exact parentage isn’t disclosed, but many think it is a cross between Starfighter and an unknown Girl Scout Cookies phenotype.

Cookies and Cream Aroma

When you break apart a Cookies and Cream nug, your nostrils will detect notes of sweet vanilla, earth, wood, pungent hash, and buttery nuts.

Cookies and Cream Growing Info

Cookies and Cream can be grown indoors or out, but it tends to do better in an indoor environment where temperature and humidity levels remain relatively steady. Growing this photoperiod strain can be a bit difficult, as it requires a somewhat humid and warm Mediterranean-like environment and plenty of space.

Plants can reach heights of 90 inches but yield on the low side (relative to their size), so be sure to use high-quality soil and supplemental nutrients to encourage maximum bud production. After a flowering period of 49 to 56 days, you can expect around 10 to 14 ounces of flower per outdoor plant or roughly 0.5 to 1 ounce per square foot planted indoors.

Cookies and Cream Terpene Profile

Cookies and Cream strain is super high in carene (0.31%), which gives each bud a sweet, earthy, woody aroma and flavor. The other terpenes in this strain are:

  • Pinene (0.28%)
  • Bisabolol (0.16%)
  • Ocimene (0.16%)
  • Phellandrene (0.09%)

Top Three Strains Similar to Cookies and Cream

Key Lime Pie

If you love how Cookies and Cream calms your mind and body but prefer a slightly fruitier strain, definitely try Key Lime Pie.

Neptune OG

Neptune OG won’t bless your taste buds with sweet, cookie-like flavors, but it will sink you into the depths of your couch cushions. If you love Cookies and Cream for its soothing effects but need something a bit heavier, give this strain a toke.

Animal Cookies

Cookies and Cream and Animal Cookies share a parent (they’re both offspring of the Girl Scout Cookies strain), and, perhaps unsurprisingly, they also deliver similarly relaxing effects.

FAQs About the Cookies and Cream Strain

Is the Cookies and Cream strain strong?

It is, indeed. Cookies and Cream tests as high as 26% THC, so whether you’re a new or experienced toker, it’s a good idea to take it slow when enjoying this strain.

Is Cookies and Cream an indica or sativa?

It’s both, but it leans more toward the indica side of the spectrum (it’s 60% indica and 40% sativa).

What is the Cookies and Cream strain good for?

Both medical and recreational tokers report that Cookies and Cream can be helpful for a variety of mental and physical ailments, including stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and pain.

Cookies and Cream Strain Summary

Give this cookie variety a try if you love buttery smooth flavors. It’s a bright and cheerful strain that won’t put you to bed when enjoyed during the day.

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