Blue Boy Strain — You Won’t Be Blue

A 50/50 strain that balances both sativa and indica effects in a fun package, Blue Boy is a unique hybrid that deserves a try. It’s ideal for people looking for help with arousal and creative stimulation after dealing with a period of depression or chronic pain, not unlike the Danky Doodle strain.

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Blue Heron Strain
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Blue Boy Strain Flavor Scale

Loose, fluffy buds with slight hints of orange hairs offer classic flavors like:

Gas-like diesel notes
Sweet berries
Slight sour citrus

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      Blue Boy Strain Information

      Blue Boy can boast THC levels as high as 20%, with CBD at only 1% or 2%. Yet most people report it’s still not overwhelming if used in moderate amounts due to its energizing sativa effects to balance out the indica calming and pain relief.

      Blue Boy Strain Effects

      Energizing 66%
      Creative stimulation
      Creative stimulation 70%
      Arousal 64%
      Helps With
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 70%
      Depression 73%
      Inspiration 68%
      Munchies 40%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 38%

      Blue Boy Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Eiffel 65 — “I’m Blue
      Eiffel 65 — “I’m Blue 69%
      Rufus — “Little Boy Blue
      Rufus — “Little Boy Blue 71%
      Doja Cat — “Kiss Me More
      Doja Cat — “Kiss Me More 67%

      Eiffel 65 — “I’m Blue”: You’ll be grooving more with the beat than the lyrics of this late ’90s one-hit-wonder after a few hits of this strain.

      Rufus — “Little Boy Blue”: It may date back to 1975, but this disco classic deserves a spin when you’re rocking this strain for creativity.

      Doja Cat — “Kiss Me More”: Smooth and upbeat R&B from Doja Cat is ideal for setting the right mood with this strain’s relaxing effects.

      Pairs With Food
      Ham and cheese
      Ham and cheese 66%
      Mixed berries with crème fraiche
      Mixed berries with crème fraiche 75%
      Deep-fried flounder
      Deep-fried flounder 68%

      Ham and cheese: Whether you toast the bread or make it melt, a ham and cheese sandwich is a great accompaniment to a munchies-heavy strain like this one.

      Mixed berries with crème fraiche: Nothing is more satisfying than a bowl of fresh (or frozen) berries and slightly tangy crème fraiche to refresh you after indulging in Blue Boy.

      Deep-fried flounder: Fancier than some fish sticks heated in the oven, deep-fried flounder is nonetheless still easy enough to whip up while enjoying this strain’s effects.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Pomegranate martini
      Pomegranate martini 63%
      Blue curacao
      Blue curacao 70%
      Dill-flavored vodka
      Dill-flavored vodka 73%

      Pomegranate martini: Sweet and sour pomegranate is the right flavor to balance out the diesel notes of Blue Boy.

      Blue curacao: Sip it straight or mix up any of a number of bright blue drinks for a fun pairing.

      Dill-flavored vodka: It may sound like a strange combination, but a shot of dill pickle vodka may be just the thing with this strain.

      Where The Blue Boy Strain Is Grown

      The breeders of this strain combined popular indica Northern Lights with sativa Blue Dream to create a unique hybrid.

      Blue Boy Strain Summary

      As the little boy born of two very famous parents, this strain deserves a try anytime you can find it at a local dispensary. It’s not the most widespread strain, but it’s a well-balanced variety for everyday use.

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