303 Kush Strain — A Classic Colorado Kush

Straight from Colorado (to which its namesake is an obvious nod), the 303 Kush strain is a local legend in its home state. Fans of Kush and Diesel strains will love this indica-dominant hybrid’s earthy, gassy, citrusy aroma and uplifting, soothing effects.

Looking to loosen up and get in touch with your creative side? Need to toke away physical tension and emotional stress? This bud is an excellent choice for an early evening or after-dark smoke sesh. But toker beware: 303 Kush will 100% knock you on your tush by the end of the night.

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303 Kush Strain
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303 Kush Flavor Scale

Smooth and palatable, the 303 Kush strain carries an earthy, pungent, citrusy flavor complemented by notes of coffee, chocolate, and piney hash. The three main flavors in 303 Kush are:

Spicy pine

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      Spicy Pine Strain Information

      303 Kush, also known as 303 OG, is an indica-leaning hybrid (about 60% indica and 40% sativa) with stellar genetics. A cross between Pre ’98 Bubba Kush and Chemdawg, this bud’s THC content has tested as low as 18% and as high as 26%, depending on the phenotype. CBD content is negligible, while CBN content comes in at around 0.5%.

      303 Kush’s effects take a hot minute to really set in, but once they do, they’ll have you feeling divine. Its high kicks off in the cerebral department with a dreamy, euphoric, creative rush that’s great for stimulating easy conversation in social situations. Its potent, heady effects can even feel mildly trippy at times, leading to slight, auditory, visual, or time distortions. Gradually, a tingly, relaxing body high settles in that’s excellent for wiping out physical tension and discomfort.

      Whether you’re a recreational or medical toker, 303 Kush’s lifted cerebral high and luxuriously calming body buzz are excellent for soothing chronic pain, emotional anguish, stress, anxiety, nausea, and insomnia.

      303 Kush Strain Effects

      Relaxed 82%
      Happy 79%
      Euphoric & Sleepy
      Euphoric & Sleepy 70%
      Helps With
      Pain 79%
      Depression & Anxiety
      Depression & Anxiety 76%
      Stress 68%
      Dry Mouth
      Dry Mouth 57%
      Dry Eyes
      Dry Eyes 46%
      Mild Dizziness
      Mild Dizziness 30%

      Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Beach House — Space Song
      Beach House — Space Song 78%
      Leisure — Take You Higher
      Leisure — Take You Higher 73%
      Glass Animals — Tangerine
      Glass Animals — Tangerine 64%

      Beach House — Space Song

      This trippy, spacey tune is excellent whether you’re feeling euphoric, creative, and sociable or sinking into your couch cushions and letting your eyelids fall.

      Leisure — Take You Higher

      If you’re looking to kick back and relax, you’ll definitely get your chill on with this track. Groovy yet soothing, it’s an excellent backdrop for stimulating conversation and equally great for getting cozy with your couch.

      Glass Animals — Tangerine

      A little bouncy, a little trippy, yet strangely relaxing, this funky tune offers an uplifting soundtrack for your 303 Kush experience.

      Pairs With Food
      Scalloped potatoes
      Scalloped potatoes 83%
      Pho 75%
      Tiramisu 72%
      • Scalloped potatoes: Buttery, cheesy, and totally drool-worthy. You can’t beat this classic, savory dish if you’re hankering for a soothing and satisfying nighttime nosh.
      • Pho: A little earthy, a little spicy, a little funky, and super savory, this flavor bomb of a soup tastes amazing alongside a bowl of 303 Kush.
      • Tiramisu: Craving something sweet? The coffee and chocolate notes in this classic Italian dessert are an excellent pairing for 303 Kush’s flavor profile.
      Pairs With Spirits
      West Coast IPA
      West Coast IPA 90%
      Bourbon and bitters
      Bourbon and bitters 61%
      Manhattan 50%
      • West Coast IPA: Slightly citrusy, piney, and super refreshing, an IPA (Wicked Weed Pernicious is always a winner) goes great with the lemony and earthy notes in 303 Kush.
      • Bourbon and bitters: Unconventional but totally transformative, bourbon over an ice cube with a dash of bitters is an excellent complement for 303 Kush’s flavor profile.
      • Manhattan: This classic, whiskey-based cocktail is punchy and just a touch herbaceous, making it a great complement for 303 Kush’s multi-dimensional flavor profile.

      Where The 303 Kush Strain Is Grown

      303 Kush comes straight from Colorado, where 303 is the area code for much of the Denver metro, as well as Boulder. This medical strain is a hybrid of Pre ’98 Bubba Kush and Chemdawg, but no one is sure who gets the credit for creating this bud.

      303 Kush Strain Summary

      If you need to blow off steam and get lifted at the end of a long day, burning a bowl of 303 Kush is a great way to get the job done. Definitely a nighttime smoke, this uplifting and relaxing strain’s relatively high THC content and sedating qualities may be a little much for new tokers, so moderation is key. It’s easy to acquire in Colorado, and if you can find it outside its home state, it’s definitely worth a try.

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