Missourians Purchase $12.6M in Cannabis During Opening Weekend of Adult-Use Sales

Adult-use cannabis sales launched Feb. 3, just three months after voters approved legalization in the November 2022 elections.

Cannabis consumers in the Show-Me State showed up in a big way for the launch of adult-use cannabis sales, totaling nearly $13M in cannabis sold during opening weekend.

Missouri launched adult-use sales on Friday, Feb. 3, and combined sales (adult-use and medical) for opening weekend totaled $12,689,965.07, according to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), Division of Cannabis Regulation (DCR).

On launch day, Missouri recorded approximately $3 million in adult-use sales and $2 million in medical sales for a total of $5,004,771.71.

On Saturday, Feb. 4, adult-use sales reached $3.33 million while medical sales hit just over $1.3 million for a combined total of $4,635,344.54.

And on Sunday, Feb. 5, Missouri saw $2.16 million in adult-use sales and nearly $900K in medical sales for a combined total of $3,049,848.82.

By consumer segment, adult-use sales accounted for $8,500,900.61 (67%) of the state’s total cannabis sales from Feb. 3 to Feb. 5, while medical sales accounted for $4,189,064.46 (33%).

DCR said it had converted 207 medical dispensaries for both medical and adult-use sales as of Feb. 3, and 196 of those dispensaries were approved for adult-use sales on opening day.

Adult-use cannabis sales in Missouri were originally slated to begin on Feb. 6, but state regulators announced Feb. 2 that approved medical dispensaries could begin sales the following day.

“Our industry was adamant that we would be ready on day one to deliver for Missourians, but I never would have imagined this type of reception,” Andrew Mullins, executive director for the Missouri Cannabis Trade Association, said in a news release. “To have sold more on opening day than in Illinois is quite astounding. These opening weekend sales numbers are a testament to what a great program the Missouri Department of Health has run as well as the level of excitement we see from Missourians about cannabis legalization. The best is yet to come.”

Missouri launched adult-use cannabis sales fewer than 90 days after voters approved constitutional Amendment 3 in the November 2022 elections. Two days after voters approved Amendment 3 on Nov. 8, 2022, DHSS published its first draft of adult-use cannabis program rules on Nov. 10.

With voters’ approval of Amendment 3, Missouri became the 19th state to legalize adult-use cannabis.

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Zach Mentz

Zach Mentz is an editor at Flavor Fix, covering cannabis, CBD and alcohol news and featured stories. Previously, he worked as senior editor of Cannabis Business Times (CBT). Mentz is a graduate of the Tim Russert Department of Communication at John Carroll University.

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