Our list of the best Valentine’s day strains for date night will carry you away with the charm, madness, and passion of love. As the big day approaches, prepare to commemorate your love with these special cannabis strains. Single for V-day? This list of delicious strains is perfect for self-love or sharing the love.

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best vday weed strains 2023

1. Chocolope

Do you have a chocolate-loving lover? Chocolope is an excellent choice for a Valentine’s Day strain. It’s an almost-pure sativa cross of Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze with a powerful effect and chocolate flavor reminiscent of Cocoa Puffs and hot toffee.

Chocolope Strain — Soar Through Your Day With This Scrumptious Sativa

Need a blast of happy, focused energy to make it through your day? The heavily sativa-dominant Chocolope strain (sometimes called D-Line) can give you exactly ...

2. Wonka Bars

The Wonka Bars strain is another great option for a fun-filled V-day with your partner or pals. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid with moderately high THC content.

Even though Wonka Bars is a descendant of the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies strain, it has opposite effects, making it the better strain for those looking for some extra energy on V-Day. It’s a fantastic mood booster that helps the conversation flow.

Don’t expect chocolate notes in this Valentine’s Day strain, though, because Wonka Bars has a buttery, nutty, and sometimes citrusy flavor profile. It’s a perfect strain for a perfect pairing of wine, cheese, and dessert.

Wonka Bars Strain — Your Golden Ticket to a Great Day

Looking for some bud that’ll help you kick your day off in an excellent mood? The Wonka Bars strain is your golden ticket to a good time. This ...

3. Amnesia Haze

Thanks to the delicately balanced genetics of its parent species, Amnesia Haze is a strongly psychedelic hybrid that is still considered one of the most sought-after strains for Valentine’s Day fun. The flavor and aroma of this popular variety are fresh and herbaceous, with citrus undertones.

Few other strains give you a comparable head high. Amnesia Haze is extremely strong, with unparalleled taste sensations that will have you chatting and relaxing all night.

Amnesia Haze Strain — Soar Through Your Day With a Smile

The Amnesia Haze strain won’t impair your memory, but what it will do is put some pep in your step and slap a smile on your face quick-like. This ...

4. Lemon Skunk

Are you waiting for the right moment to tell your special person, “I love you”? The high from Lemon Skunk is progressive, starting with a state of fearless euphoria and developing into an enhanced body relaxation high.

The name Lemon Skunk already implies the flavors you’ll experience with this aromatic and potent herb — skunk and citrus. Its heady flavor profile has strong citrus notes that can overpower its skunkiness.

Lemon Skunk Strain — Citrus and Classic Skunk Combined

Don’t run from this skunk because it’s a mellow way to spend an afternoon. Similar in flavor to Mandarin Cookies, the Lemon Skunk strain is a sativa-heavy ...

5. White Choco

With its delicate balance of indica and sativa, White Choco hits the brain and the body in equal measure.

This strain is perfect for couples getting a little too comfy in the relationship with its mood-boosting abilities and a pleasant cerebral stone. You and your Valentine will experience creative euphoria and revitalizing energy.

Its chocolate aroma is an excellent companion for coffee for a productive day or evening with a smooth and functional lightheadedness. Have you sought the perfect time to share your poetry with a loved one? White Choco is nectar for the nervous artist, a soft green muse for anyone who can use a little poetry in their unique V-Day plans.

White Choco Strain — Sweet, Creamy, Balanced Perfection

A long-standing favorite among cannabisseurs the world over, the White Choco strain is a rare gem indeed (primarily because dispensaries have a tough time ...

6. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel isn’t only for gasoline lovers. This lovely, potent strain contains a complex blend of sandalwood, pepper, and earth with hints of sour citrus and pine. Its effects are energetic and clear-headed, building to a dreamy buzz.

Sour Diesel will keep you on a heady brainwave that will boost creativity, energy levels, and motivation. It’s an excellent strain for a group gathering on Valentine’s Day, especially if trivia or Mario Kart is involved.

Sour Diesel Strain – Sour D Weed Strain Information and Review

Sour Diesel Cannabis Strain The Sour Diesel Strain also known as Sour Deez, East Coast Sour Diesel, and Sour D,  is a longtime favorite ...

7. Peanut Butter Breath

Plan on getting up close and personal with your boo this V-Day? Peanut Butter Breath is an exceptional strain to start and end your date.

This phenomenal strain appeared not long ago and became an instant classic. It’s super yummy with a fizzy, sweet, cake-like finish. Not only does it taste delicious, but it also looks beautiful. So, if looks are important to you, pick up some Peanut Butter Breath before Cupid comes around this year.

Peanut Butter Breath Strain — It’ll Get You as Gooey as the Real Thing

If its name is enough to get your mouth watering, you’ll definitely want to give the Peanut Butter Breath strain a try, as its effects won’t disappoint. This ...

8. Purple Punch

Purple Punch comes from champion genetics of recognized prestige on the international cannabis scene. This indica variety is highly aromatic, with gorgeous purple or reddish buds for showing off.

The aroma and flavor are delicious and complex, sweet and fruity, with spicy OG Kush tones and hints of lemon. Purple Punch is intense and relaxing, a perfect strain for a Valentine’s Day spent on the couch binge-watching Netflix.

Purple Punch Strain — Knock Yourself Out With a Heavy Hitter

The Purple Punch Strain is legit. If you’re looking for an experience that’s sure to knock you out, put the legendary Purple Punch strain on your list of ...

9. Triple Chocolate Chip

When single chocolate just isn’t enough, reach for the Triple Chocolate Chip strain for V-Day. This strain is nearly as gorgeous as your date (but don’t say that out loud.) The Triple Chocolate Chip strain has a deep body high with hints of mint and creamy coffee sweetness and rounds out with some nutty notes.

Triple Chocolate Chip might make you sleepy, but we had to include it in our Best Strains for Valentine’s Day list because of its deliciousness. Just make sure you’re ready to relax before smoking up with this strain. After all, it is the perfect after-dinner treat.

Triple Chocolate Chip Strain — Triple the Sweetness, Triple the Fun

This strain is unique in that even its buds almost look like its namesake. With white frosted flowers and dark purple sections that simulate the look of ...

10. White Widow

Over the years, thousands of strains of marijuana have been discovered, crossed, and smoked. There is possibly no more famous and legendary strain than White Widow.

Smokers will notice a complete cerebral head high. Every hit of White Widow tastes of clean mountain air, fresh pine, and a subtle citrus aftertaste on the exhale. This combination of cerebral stoned with a clean and fresh flavor makes this strain one of the best V-Day choices for those who prefer sticking to the classics.

The White Widow Strain — A Legendary Hybrid

The White Widow strain is an absolute classic among hybrid cannabis varieties. It owes its popularity to a splendid high, which combines the best qualities of ...

11. Blackberry

Are you missing the sweet heat of summer? The Blackberry strain is actually a time-traveling device to help you remember hot days and hotter nights. The unique purple buds look like they’ve been dipped in sugar, and the aroma will fill your home with a unique terpene mix of berries and Kush.

This is another Valentine’s Day strain for those seeking a powerful couch lock effect for a relaxing high.

Blackberry Strain — Bliss Out Without Zoning Out

If you’re a fan of balanced hybrid strains that are equally invigorating and relaxing, give the Blackberry strain a try. This cross of the Black Domina and ...

12. Tangerine Dream

If you’re looking for the opposite of couch lock, something that’ll lift your spirits, energize your bod, and sharpen your mind, look no further. The simultaneously stimulating and relaxing Tangerine Dream strain might be just the bud you need this Valentine’s Day.

This evenly balanced hybrid is known and loved for its mouthwatering, sweet, citrusy aroma and taste.

Tangerine Dream Strain — Juicy and Joy-Inducing

Looking for some bud that’ll lift you up, sharpen your mind, gently energize your body, calm your thoughts, and quell pain? The simultaneously stimulating and ...

13. Gorilla Breath

It doesn’t sound as appealing as Peanut Butter Breath, but Gorilla Breath will surprise you with its intensely earthy, fizzy, sweet vanilla flavors and hints of pine, fuel, chocolate, and diesel. Delivering a powerful, long-lasting and clear head effect, this cannabis strain is perfect if you aren’t sure what kind of Valentine’s Day is headed your way.

Gorilla Breath Strain — Get Lost in the Mists

You don’t need to visit the jungle to commune with the gorillas. Just give the Gorilla Breath strain a try instead. You’ll be knocked out from the first few ...

14. Sherbacio

If you’re trying to impress someone this Valentine’s Day, this is the strain for you. The Sherbacio strain is a 50/50 sativa-indica hybrid. A few tokes of this intoxicating strain will leave you feeling peaceful, physically soothed, more creative, cleverer, and more talkative.

Sherbacio might give you crazy munchies, so consider this strain if you cook or bake goodies with your loved one this V-Day. Sherbacio’s diverse flavor profile will flood your palate with a tasty combo of sweet citrus, earthy mint, and creamy, nutty chocolate.

Sherbacio Strain — Get Ready for a Mega Mood Boost

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Feeling down? Had a bad day? When your mood is a bit lower than you’d like, roll a fatty of the Sherbacio strain and ...

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The Best Cannabis Strains for Valentine’s Day: Something for Everyone

These are the best cannabis strains for Valentine’s Day. Spend time alone or with your partner in a totally new and different way, with a level of intensity that will make this date unforgettable.

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