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Liberty Caps are often misunderstood despite being a simple mushroom. When it comes to expanding your mind, substances like marijuana and alcohol only go so far. While marijuana is considered psychoactive and even psychedelic at high doses, it doesn’t compare to the effects produced by certain types of mushrooms. While psychedelic mushrooms are illegal in most states and have only been decriminalized in a handful of cities and states so far, they are legal to purchase and consume in other countries around the world. No matter how you get your hands on these mushrooms, you’ll want to know what to expect from the particular strain you try. Liberty Caps are one of the more popular varieties available, although they are not as common as some other types of psychoactive mushrooms.

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What Are Psychoactive Mushrooms?

Also known as magic mushrooms, these fungi are naturally occurring around the world and were once collected by shamans. Now they’re grown in large-scale facilities that prevent contamination and other issues that could make them unsafe to use. Only a limited number of mushrooms offer psychedelic or psychoactive effects. Among them, the most popular are those species containing the ingredient known as Psilocybin. Psilocybe is an entire genus named after this active ingredient, and it includes Psilocybe semilanceata, the species colloquially known as a Liberty Cap.

What Is the Liberty Caps Mushroom Strain?

While dozens of species in multiple genera contain the active ingredient Psilocybin, they are all known by different names. Liberty Caps are perhaps more correctly known as Psilocybe semilanceata. The most common form of magic mushrooms is Psilocybe cubensis, which is a close relative of Liberty Caps. However, this strain tends to have a slightly different set of effects from what the cubensis species produces. That’s why many people end up preferring Liberty Caps when they consume magic mushrooms for various purposes. If you’ve tried Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms before, you may want to try this strain whether you liked them or not since it will interact differently with your system.

Where Did Liberty Caps Originate?

Liberty Caps are often incorrectly attributed to being a hybrid or variety of the classic cubensis mushrooms. They are their own species that originate from nature, more specifically from a native range of the temperature zones of the Northern Hemisphere, including Europe and North America. While they can grow in a wide variety of habitats with adequate moisture and open grasslands, they’re not always easy to find and can be mistaken for other species without the desired effects. That’s why it’s better to find a legal and reliable supplier for these mushrooms — to ensure you’re getting a safe product rather than a random mushroom or contaminated material.

What Kind of Effects Do Liberty Caps Create?

Liberty Caps are in some ways similar to other magic mushrooms, producing hallucinations and a sense of euphoria in most people who try them. This variety, in particular, is known for inducing spontaneous laughter and a sense of delirium. They’re considered anywhere from a moderate to an extremely strong variety of magic mushrooms, depending on how the batch that’s being graded is raised and handled. Some sources compare it to a milder form of the effects of LSD, making it a better choice for newcomers to psychedelic experiences.

How Do Liberty Caps Compare to Other Mushroom Strains?

This strain of magic mushrooms isn’t too different from other varieties, although it is known for having moderate to strong strength. Other varieties can vary far more, with some individual caps producing much lower effects than others. It’s easier to standardize a dosage of raw or dried Liberty Caps since they tend to have a similar intensity across a batch, especially in commercial production. If you have an interest in microdosing or using mushrooms for psychological treatment, you’ll want a mushroom like this one that’s powerful enough to produce effects even in small doses.

Who Might Want to Try Liberty Cap Mushrooms?

Since Liberty Cap mushrooms can be strong and may offer a high dose of Psilocybin and other related chemicals, it’s best to take small amounts at first to see how you react. People interested in the spiritual or potential psychological benefits of taking these mushrooms may want to experiment with microdosing them first. Anyone looking for a natural alternative to medications for depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses may be interested in these mushrooms since they tend to have euphoric effects.

How Do You Take Liberty Caps?

Most Liberty Cap products are dried and may be ground or mixed into edible products like truffles and chocolates. Fresh mushrooms are rare but can be blended into smoothies or cooked in hot water to extract the active compounds. Eating whole fresh or dried mushrooms is often upsetting to the stomach due to their high chitin content. Chitin is hard for the stomach to digest, so methods that avoid eating the whole mushroom instead of taking just the extracted compounds are recommended.

Can Liberty Caps Be Grown at Home?

Mushrooms are cultivated rather than strictly grown, but most psychedelic varieties, like Liberty Caps, can be raised at home with the right equipment. You’ll need to learn the basics about mushroom inoculation, preventing contamination, and giving the spawn enough air circulation and moisture to trigger a strong fruiting response. Practicing with edible mushrooms like oysters and shiitakes is a usual path most people take before attempting to grow anything in the Psilocybe family. Liberty Caps aren’t legal to grow in most parts of the country, so check local laws and restrictions before undertaking any fun new projects at home.

The Liberty Cap mushroom may liberate you from your current worldview, but you must take it with caution. Some people don’t react well to it, experiencing a racing heart rate or feelings of panic. Give it a few tries at low doses before moving up to a stronger dose for more therapeutic or spiritual value. Make sure you’re using a tested and regulated product to ensure there’s no chance of accidentally taking a toxic or moldy mushroom.

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